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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-244 Chapter

Chapter 244 - On judging and punishments.

1. Said the scribe now: “Lord and Master, I can see now, that only You are extremely good and true, and it is best to behave and to believe and to speak, as You have explained everything from bottom to the top! Only with the abolishment of capital punishment I cannot completely agree; if the life of a murderer is not taken in response to the loss of the life of his victim, then nobody would ever feel safety for their lives again. Only the certainty of capital punishment prevents many from committing the greatest atrocities!”

2. Said I: “Yes, this is again your opinion, however, I have a completely different opinion in this regard! A tiger bears his own, and so does a lion, a panther and a hyena.

3. If a rough and neglected person, driven by his beastly passions, kills a person, the killed would have the right to kill his killer in response; however, a third, to whom the killer has never done any harm, has no right at all to take revenge on the killer, on behalf of the victim. However, since such an animalistic person can become dangerous for other people as well, he may be hunted down. If he is caught, he should be held in a good prison, be given education, and it should be attempted to make a good person out of him! If this is achieved, you have turned a devil into a person, for which you can expect more of the reward of the true life in you than you could for having the murderer killed. This would be one of the best ways to handle a murderer.

4. Or, in another case, where the murderer is a too deeply rooted devil, hunt him down; and if you have caught him, ask him for the reason why he has committed such atrocities, and if he even feels remorseful! If he speaks the truth, then do as I have explained previously; however, if he lies about the deed and does not answer you properly, despite you being convinced that he is the culprit, make sure that he, in future, is not a danger to society anymore. Not by killing him, but by means of a strong prison, by blinding his eyes or by banning him to a far off area somewhere along the coast, from where no return will be possible for him.

5. This is My advice on how you should behave in such a situation, as My true disciples. You can better your society and cleanse it from perpetrators; but you should not set up a court! Since whoever judges, will one day be judged by Me as well. In turn, whoever does not judge, will also not be judged by Me. If you curse and damn the ones that sinned against you, you can one day expect the same from Me; but if you walk in My teaching, you will not be damned and cursed.

6. You shall not even call your brothers ‘Raka’ (a backstabbing, treacherous person); since, thereby, you already made yourself guilty and have warranted judgment over yourself, because, if you mean it seriously, you have cast judgment over a brother. Even less should you say to a brother, no matter how stupid he may be, that he is a fool; for if you are wiser than he is, you are as such only out of the mercy of God. If you have become proud because of it, and it occurs that you are ashamed for the stupid ones, and that you do not want to speak to them, and you say: ‘Who can speak with a fool?’, unfortunately, such a judgment originates from a germ of hell within you, and thereby you make yourself guilty of the infernal fire (zeal). It is not good when even one little spark of hell is ignited in My disciples, through such false zeal; for even the smallest of sparks can create a large fire. {Mt.05,23; 1 Jn.03,15; jl.ev03.059,04; Ex.18,21}

7. In hell, the fire of haughtiness is greater than all else, and in heaven, only the light of the highest humility and modesty shines, and the gentle fire of love warms and enlivens everything. - Do you understand this?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-244 Chapter