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Chapter 248 - The movement of the cosmic man and his shell globes. The double suns.

248,1. Now Lazarus came to Me and asked Me by saying: “Lord, such a shell-globe, which I now can imagine quite well through Your mercy, despite its immense size, has it no other movement than the general movement of the large cosmic man?”

248,2. Said I: “O yes, the movement around its own axis, and this therefore, so that its skin can continuously rub against the everywhere surrounding ether and thereby produces a sufficient amount of electrical fire like lightening, which then serves as main nourishment for all the world bodies inside such a globe; since the most extraordinary mass of this substance, which is produced during such globe rubbing with the outer ether, fills the ether space inside the globe. Through the movement of the countless many world bodies inside a globe, this substance is again excited by means of the atmospheres which surrounds them, is then first transferred to the atmospheres in abundant quantities and then to the world bodies itself. The bigger a world body - like for instance a sun or central sun - and the more vehemently its movement, the more of this light- and nourishment substance is produced. From the suns, the excess is donated to the planets.

248,3. From this you can see, that also the shell-globes must have their movement, and their axis rotation which is tremendously quick, is already more than sufficient for its own large requirement; and even more extensive is the movement of the great cosmic man in the large, totally free ether space. The speed of his movement in an endlessly large circle is extraordinary, so that he moves within one moment the distance of a thousand shell-globe widths, but nevertheless requires one-hundred times thousand times thousand sun years to again reach his starting point.

248,4. From this you can firstly form a concept, how large the circle is which he always has to complete anew, which provides for the nourishment of all his nerves and fibres more than adequately. And secondly you can form for yourself a more clearer concept of the power, wisdom and order in God, as it was the case until now. - Are you understand this well?”

248,5. Said the scribe: “Lord, now everything has become clear to me! You said earlier, that man could impossibly love God according to the truth, if he not has recognized Him before, and the truth of Your words I only now recognize fully. Now I recognize God and thus also love Him in You, o Lord, above all. But here God is easy to recognize, when You as God reveal Yourself in such incredible manner, and we thereby have of course no merit, since everything is purely Your mercy. But who of all the people of the world could ever have fathom and reveal such Your immeasurable depths?! This is only possible to Him who most wise and artful have created it!

248,6. We here can’t do anything else than to bring You, o Lord, our loving warmest thanks from the depths of our hearts, but also add the request, that You always keep us in such Your mercy and strengthen us therein more and more. - Lord, Your old disciples must have heard about this Your greatness quite often already; can we ask them to inform us about it?”

248,7. Said I: “O, certainly, - they know quite a lot about it already! During the soon coming day you will find plenty opportunity for this. But now everyone of you digest properly what you have just heard, and preserve it faithfully also for all, to whom you will speak in My name!

248,8. However, now we want to go outside and look at the coming day and at the rising sun, and every soul should become cheerful! The innkeeper’s people can in the meantime prepare a morning meal!”

248,9. The innkeeper immediately instructed his people, and soon it became alive in the house; but we got up and went outside.

248,10. There were still several fixed stars visible in the west, and Lazarus asked Me if among them there was any central sun.

248,11. And I said to him: “Among those which until now are still visible, there are none; however, deep behind them there are many, of which however, for even very sharp eyes in a dark night only a few are visible as hardly noticeable shimmering little dots.

248,12. But there still exists a special kind of sun, of which several appear in every separate sun region. These are the so called double suns, which are nevertheless not central suns, but only seldom occurring planetary suns, and one of the two are always considerably larger than its companion. Both suns are seldom more than six-thousand times thousand times thousand times straight hours walking apart from each other. The smaller sun orbits the larger like a large planet; but still, around each of the two suns, a fair number of greater and smaller planets are orbiting, on which the inhabitants have a good life. Since firstly they nearly never have a full night and secondly it is never especially cold, and this in particular the

248,13. However, there also exist larger planets, which orbit around both suns in a large elliptical path. The inhabitants of the larger planets are, however, less fortunate than those on the smaller planets.

248,14. These double suns have in each solar region an important function; since they are the natural regulators of the movement of the other common planetary suns and the distributors of the already known nourishment for a whole solar region and are arranged as such that for each group of seven-hundred to a thousand single suns, one double sun exist. However, in My kingdom you will understand all this very clearly; for here all the knowledge about this is only futile patchwork.

248,15. But now lets turn our eyes again towards the rising of the sun; since within a short period of time the sun will rise in all splendour and majesty, and the sunrise for today should be watched carefully by all!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-248 Chapter