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Chapter 28 - Time and space.

28,1. (The Lord:) "Behold, half a year ago I prepared your soul so that it could visit a very remote solar world. Later on I worked such signs also in different circumstances and localities, to which all My disciples here can faithfully testify. Then at Marcus' you were personally present when the angel fetched the precious luminous sphere from the very remote centre of Africa.

28,2. Look, if an arrow was shot from this earth, travelling at its greatest speed, you as an expert arithmetician would not find a figure high enough to express the number of earth years required for that arrow to reach that solar world, — yet you were instantly there! Therefore, you had nothing to do with material space and were thus, as far as your living soul was concerned, certainly outside of time and space.

28,3. From Marcus' to Africa it would even take you a good two years on a decent road to reach the spot from where the angel fetched the luminous stone. Yet he was there and back in an instant. Could, then, time and space mean anything to him?

28,4. Another thing! Presuming the ever so swift motion of an earthly object covered, say, the distance from this earth to the afore-mentioned solar world in an instant, then a spirit could in an instant cover, for you countless times, a thousand times greater distance. I say countless times, because you have no figure large enough to describe the frequency of the movement there and back.

28,5. All this goes to illustrate that even the greatest material speed of movement cannot ever be compared to the spiritual one. Therefore, the earthly-material is something in its own right and thus is the entire spiritual something in its own right. Both are related only in a corresponding way, but in their nature they are endlessly far apart.

28,6. As you will by now certainly have become clearly aware of such a difference between everything material and spiritual, the very same difference exists between all that presents itself to you in this world as comprehensible, tangible, audible and visible.

28,7. As to the spiritual motion, for which space is non-existent, I can point out to you as a good example the speed of the thought coming from your soul. Lo, you are now going to think of Rome, where you have been and whose distance from here you well know, as well as the appearance of this great pagan city. In your thoughts you are already in Rome and, as it were, behold the city, its squares, lanes and streets as well as its surroundings. Therefore, your thought needed no time to reach Rome because space meant nothing to it.

28,8. From this you can again safely conclude that your soul, as a spiritual entity, is outside of time and space, and this includes also its activity. And at the same speed you can travel mentally to the star that you know well and back again and will not need more time to traverse such a vast space.

28,9. Now you must understand that there can be neither time nor space for the pure spirit.

28,10. To be sure, also the Spirit of God and all the angels exist in infinite space and last continually throughout all the eternal eons; for without the Spirit of God there would be neither a created being nor a material space or a material time. But all these purely spiritual forces and highest intelligences are in everything endlessly far above time and space."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-28 Chapter