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Chapter 34 - A big catch of fish.

34,1. After this, much was spoken between the several remaining disciples, the Greek Jews and Philopold; Kisjonah and I also talked about many a thing: about the old priesthood, about the old patriarchal and therefore best method of rule in comparison with the contemporary one as was during My presence on earth, and so morning came, and no-one in the whole company felt as if he had too little sleep. In short, all were completely cheerful in the morning, and we went out to the sea and watched Kisjonah’s active fishermen for a while, how they busied around in their fishing boats on the water, but could not make any particularly large catch.

34,2. A few fishermen came to the shore and said to Kisjonah: “Lord, today our catches look rather meager! We have been working very hard since midnight; but the fatal east wind drives the fish to the bottom, and there is almost nothing to be done!”

34,3. Kisjonah asked how many they had caught.

34,4. Those asked said: “A few small baskets must indeed be full; but what is that for twenty fishing barges and as many boats?!”

34,5. I said to both the fishermen: “Just go out again one more time, and cast your nets; for the best time to fish is at the rising sun!”

34,6. The fishermen, since they did not know Me, said: “Friend, we know that well; but with a strong east wind even that is not much use! Indeed any wind is not good for our work; but the east wind is the least favorable, particularly in the winter season.”

34,7. I said: “Just do what I said to you, and you will make a great catch!”

34,8. They then rowed out and told this to the other fishermen. They shrugged their shoulders; but since they heard that Kisjonah wanted this to be so, they nonetheless threw their nets out and caught such a large number of the best and noblest fish that the nets almost began to tear, and it was quite a job for them to bring the great number of fish into the large fish containers. Naturally the fishermen began to wonder about this greatly, since they never had such a huge catch before. Later it was well explained to them by Kisjonah Who was the wonderful cause of this generous catch. And they all believed in My name, although several of the fishermen recognized Me as the son of the carpenter Joseph.

34,9. And so half the winter went by under all sorts of useful instructions and small deeds, which would not be of any significant importance to write it down for anyone because it all deals more with the well-being of earthly civil life.

34,10. And so after some days the expected arrival of Mary as the mother of My body was neither something that deserves to be remarked upon, except that she was extremely glad to see Me again personally, and she was told by the disciples, everything that I had done and taught, which she kept deep in her heart and thought upon, and also acted accordingly. Also the two oldest brothers, respective sons of Joseph, came to Kis for a building, at which I Myself was naturally of help to them with advice and deed.

34,11. And so the Passover festival came in sight, and many began to make preparations to go to Jerusalem for the celebrations.

34,12. Kisjonah also asked Me whether I Myself would go up to Jerusalem.

34,13. And I said to him: “I will indeed go up as promised, but this time I will not let Myself be seen at the celebrations and in the Temple and will soon come back again to Galilee, where I will then begin My duties anew.”

34,14. The Greek Jews said: “If You, oh Lord, nonetheless let Yourself be seen in the Temple and give a similar speech again, perhaps several clerics would once again be taken aback and believe in You like we do?”

34,15. I said: “Oh, do not worry about that, for I will often enough teach in the Temple; but none of those present Pharisees, elders and scribes will be taken aback and repent so that he can be saved, but instead they will all only strive to lay hands on Me and kill Me! And in addition it is not yet My time; therefore I know very well what I have to do.”

34,16. Everyone was happy with this decision and had no further questions for Me in this respect.

34,17. Only one episode can be mentioned here before our departure for Jerusalem, and that is the arrival of Judas Iscariot again.

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