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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-49 Chapter

Chapter 49 - The Lord's forbearance concerning Judas Iscariot.

49,1. We now drank the wine and ate the bread with it; since we were about thirty two people and were in need of such an additional strengthening.

49,2. While still cheerfully enjoying the dessert, one of the Greek Jews said: “Lord and Master! It would be indeed very suitable for this most extremely friendly innkeeper of ours to take the place of that disciple who constantly annoys You and to give the other, if he should come back again, the Roman Consilium abeundi. For as far as we have noticed, he seeks money worse than any Templer, and all his senses are world and luxury. Besides this he possesses a very evil passion, and this consists of empty boasting and lies, and You and humanity are little served by such a disciple. But this innkeeper is truly gifted with a bright spirit of his own and understands even Your most secret speeches truly better than Your old disciples; therefore he would be a very eminent representative for him not present.”

49,3. I said: “I will stay in Galilee from now on until the festival of Succoth and will even then consider long and hard whether I will go to Jerusalem for the festival or not, and so we have more than enough time in which our innkeeper Matthias (Mai or Moi diaz = ‘my worker’, also ‘my servant’) can accompany us everywhere and so he will, at which opportunity he will learn many other things for his ear and eye and for his heart and soul. But then he will become a very good and effective spreader of My teaching for this area; for even these people have been given to Me for animation and not for death.

49,4. But as far as he who is absent is concerned, he may come whenever he wants – but he also can stay away if he wants to; for every man, good or evil, behaves towards Me in the spirit as towards the sun in the body. If he wants to be illuminated and warmed by the rays of the sun, he can do it – whether he is a good or an evil man, it will not be forbidden to him - ; but if he does not want to, he will not be forced to do so by God, which is why it is also said: God allows His sun to shine on good and evil. And behold, thus it is also with Me in the living spiritual respect! Whoever wants to follow Me can do so, and I will not turn him away, even if he is the greatest sinner! For I came into this world only for the sake of the lost and poor in spirit; since the healthy do not need a doctor.

49,5. And as such also he who is absent may come with Me as he wishes, just as I did not turn away the Judeans today; but because they went of their own accord I did not hold them back and order them to remain. Nor did I speak incomprehensibly to them, as if I had wanted to drive them from Me, but instead I spoke as such because I, led by the Father, had to speak in this way. They were therefore annoyed about it and left, and that was their fault and not Mine – and it was therefore good that they left. They can come back and remain if they wish; but if they do not want to, My mission and My teaching will be no less true, just as the light and the warmth of the sun are no less and no weaker for the reason that numerous fools do not want to let themselves be shone on and warmed. Do you understand this?”

49,6. The Greek Jews said: “Yes, Lord, we have understood that very well! Whatever You, oh Master, say and tell, is truly all truth, power and life! Oh, if only all people would see it like that!”

49,7. I said: “That will probably never be completely the case in this world; but nonetheless there will be many who will see, act accordingly and reap eternal life.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-49 Chapter