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Chapter 56 - The main causes of diseases.

56,1. Said I: “Of all vices the most evil is prostitution, fornication and all kinds and variations of lewdness. It is, however, idleness, disdainfulness and haughtiness which induce the people to this vice. Because haughtiness does not respect anything; but looks for all available means to satisfy its carnal passions.

56,2. If then such a man begets children, — what miserable and with many ailments afflicted people thereby enter this world! — This sin is, therefore, a main source of the worst afflictions in this world.

56,3. However-, there are also gluttony and revelry, anger and various resentments, vices through which all sorts of ailments develop in men, tormenting them in the most miserable manner.

56,4. Did I not say, after I had healed him, to the sick man in Jerusalem who had waited a full 38 years at the pool Bethesda to be healed: 'Go and sin no more, lest you suffer something worse?’ His bad gout was, therefore, also an outcome of his many previous sins. And this applies to nearly all those who were healed by Me. Had they never fallen ill through their many sins, their souls would have perished. Only a rather serious and painful illness sobered them up and showed them how the world rewards those who worship it. Through their illness they lost their love for the world and longed to be soon set free from it. Thereby their soul became freer and the healing of their body occurred also at the right time.

56,5. Apart from these main causes responsible for most illnesses of men, who are anyway weakened from birth, there are still others, through which man in his weakness can fall quite severely ill, — but I emphasize it again: This can happen only to the one already weakened from birth. I will briefly summarize the reasons for you.

56,6. There is, firstly, the ingestion of bad, impure and poorly, not freshly prepared food and also of bad drinks, — then the eating of all sorts of unripe fruit. Also, many have the bad habit of cooling themselves down too quickly when hot. Again others, unaware of their inherited weakness, expose themselves to all kinds of dangers, thereby either perishing or suffering lifelong damage.

56,7. Well, this is not God's fault, so much the less since He gave man intelligence, free will and the best laws of life.

56,8. Against man's indolence there is no means other than all sorts of allowed calamities, which must necessarily follow the non-compliance with the divine will. These wake up man's soul which is fast asleep in its flesh and show it the unfortunate outcome of its indolence, and it will then become more careful, wiser, more active and resigned to the recognized divine will. Thus, the various ailments now afflicting men are also of decisive advantage.

56,9. Of course, they are also a kind of judgment coercing the soul towards the good. Yet the soul does thereby not lose its free will entirely, and it can better itself considerably during or after an illness, although it will have to accomplish its further perfection in the beyond.

56,10. There are also sick people who have entered this world sick from the womb because of the sins of their parents or ancestors. The souls of these sick people are mostly from above and merely undergo a temporary life-trial on this earth. These are anyway well cared for in the beyond in the realm of spirits, and whoever cares for them in love and patience, will be invited by them with the same love and patience into their heavenly abodes in the beyond.

56,11. I have thereby given you a full light also on this. Yet once the spirit will be fully awaken within you, it will lead you into all wisdom also in this. - Do you also understand this now?”

56,12. They all said: “Lord and Master, we now understand that perfectly and thank You once again for this great light! For because we as future teachers have a lot to do with all sorts of ill people, it is thus very necessary to be able to give them faith, courage and all patience through such pictures, in order to cause an alleviation of their suffering, where necessary and possible; for whoever suffers patiently, obviously suffers less than he who suffers with all impatience. And therefore we call this present teaching of Yours a very appropriate one; for no-one needs a true comfort more than someone who is suffering, and we consider it to be a very particularly good deed if one helps a suffering man spiritually and physically. Are we right or not?”

56,13. I said: “Of course; for love for one’s neighbour must only grab him under the arms who needs it, and this has value before God. Therefore I say to you all as well: If anyone gives a meal and invites his rich neighbours and friends, he has not sinned by this at all, but in heaven he will not have to expect a reward either, because he can be rewarded by his friends for it here. Therefore invite the poor as guests, and it will be rewarded in heaven; for the poor cannot reward you for it here!

56,14. It is the same with those who lend a lot of money for interest and after a certain time receive the capital back again. They do not commit a sin as long they do no extortion, but in heaven they will have no interest to collect, – but blessed is he who lends money to the poor in their need without any interest and without any repayment of the capital. Therefore helping the poor of all types in every good way possible is the true work of love for one’s neighbour.

56,15. For this evening we have done enough, and so we will now go to rest. The morrow will bring us something else."

56,16. Upon these My words everybody retired, and they all thanked Me again for the teachings given.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-56 Chapter