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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-61 Chapter

Chapter 61 - On reincarnation. The earth as a school for the children of God.

61,1. Said I: “Do not become too quick-tempered; since by far you do not know what guests are walking around on this earth, and what it takes to guide them in time into the sphere to become children of God! However, once you have been fully strengthened by My spirit which I will send to you after My ascension, you will clearly see and give Me the honours for being so patient and forbearing.

61,2. Who of you is able to comprehend something, should know, that souls also from other worlds have entered the flesh of this world and so are the children of the snake of this earth. They indeed have died once, and some even several times, but for their completion took on flesh again.

61,3. You often already have heard about a migration of souls. The far away Orient still today believes very firmly in it. However, such belief has become very tainted with them, because they let the human souls return to the animal flesh. Alone, this is far from true.

61,4. That a human soul of this world collects itself out of the mineral-, plant- and animal kingdom and pushes upwards to become a human soul, has been shown to you to the biggest part and also how this takes place in a well arranged order. However, no even still so incomplete human soul can ever migrate backwards anymore, except in the spiritual middle kingdom according to the outer appearance, for the purpose of its humiliation and possible emerging betterment. If such has occurred to a certain degree, above which it cannot go any further due to a lack of higher abilities, such a soul can then in a simply creaturely bliss on any other world body, this means going over in its spiritual sphere, or, if she wants to, once again enter the flesh of this earth, a path along which she can attain higher abilities with which help she even can attain the childship of God.

61,5. Thus also from other worlds souls migrate into the flesh of people on this earth, in order to attain those countless many spiritual properties, which are necessary to attain the true childship of God.

61,6. Since this earth is such a schoolhouse, it is treated by Me with so much patience, leniency and forbearance. Who from you can comprehend this, comprehend it; however, he should keep it to himself since it is not given to all to understand all the secrets of the Kingdom of God. If you nevertheless find someone who is possibly a person with the right spirit, you can reveal to him from time to time the one or other secret, but only for himself; because I want it that a real person should acquire all such by his own diligence from My teaching.

61,7. Once a person knows what he has to do to attain the everlasting life and its treasures, he should do and live accordingly, and he will in himself see, hear and livingly feel the full fulfilment of My promises progressing.

61,8. To reveal to people too much about such extraordinary secrets via the mouth, has either no value at all or just very little; since firstly he cannot grasp it and secondly such for him incomprehensible information can quite easily disturb his faith which at least he has acquired so far. Since to comprehend this in the true, inner, spiritual life depth, takes obviously more than just the dead letter of the law and the prophets.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-61 Chapter