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Chapter 62 - The monstrous sea serpent.

62,1. (The Lord:) “But now we have walked along the shore of the sea so far, that we can hardly see the town anymore, and the waves mightily pound the rocky shore. There in front of us is a fisher’s hut! In it we want to await the foretold storm. Look there towards midday! From there it will come most mightily and there will be no lack of lightening. It shall start to build up and quickly move towards Capernaum!”

62,2. When I hardly had finished such words, all of a sudden quite frightful storm clouds started to rise out of the sea and above all the mountains, which the guests at our innkeeper in Capernaum soon noticed. However, when the evil looking storm was beginning to move ever more quickly towards the city with great din and mighty thunder, the guests speedily paid their bill, and all ran away as fast as they were able to. All trade conversations came to a sudden stop and our innkeeper got rid of his tiresome guests all at once. However, when the storm also moved towards us, even our Jew-Greeks became afraid, since also they as earlier Jews had an innate fear about such storms.

62,3. However I admonished them to keep their courage and be fearless and said: “Can’t you see that the spirits of this storm are also subservient to My will?! Do not fear, - nobody will suffer any harm! I did not call the storm primarily for the citizens of Capernaum, but rather more for the sake of the envoys from Jerusalem, so that they can feel all the more how God rewards and protects the loyal servants of Mammon.”

62,4. Just when I had said this, a lightening bolt struck right in front of us the earth with a most powerful din.

62,5. The Jew-Greeks rebounded from fear and one said to Me: “O Lord, drive this monster away from here, otherwise we are all going to perish!”

62,6. And I commanded the storm and it moved away and we stood under a free blue sky, about which the Jew-Greeks were very happy and started to praised Me a lot for it.

62,7. When we left the hut and walked closer to the sea, one of the Jews noticed, that in a distance of about two-hundred steps a monster curled mightily in the water and many sea birds attacked it from the air. He asked Me what this monster was.

62,8. And I said: “This is a large sea snake which, like usually, goes out to hunt during a storm; otherwise it always stays at the bottom of the sea. Once it satiated itself, it sinks again to the bottom and lies there often for several weeks. If it gets hungry again, it rises to the surface and hunts for prey. If it does not find enough food in the water to become fully satiated, it creeps onto shore areas and hunts for lambs, goats, also pigs, calves and donkey colts. If it gets close to ships, it causes them a great deal of troubles, because if hungry it also devours people. And with that you also know what rare animal you have seen.”

62,9. Asked Peter: “Lord, such a monster I have seen once as a fisherman and thought: ‘See, this is a giant eel; it should be caught with a good bait!’ With an assistant I prepared a bait and placed it; but the animal avoided the bait and suddenly disappeared and until now was not seen again. What would it take to possibly catch such an animal?”

62,10. Said I: “For people as they are now, this would be totally impossible! Since firstly such a snake is quite clever and knows to avoid all threatening dangers, secondly it is very quick with its movements so that even the best sail ship could not catch up with it, and thirdly it is for you unbelievably strong. If driven into a for her threatening corner, it would attack the enemy and crush him in an instant. It would therefore not be advisable to seriously pursue it. In this sea there are only two such animals and once extinct, these waters will be completely free of such monsters. These two existing ones are already very old and belong to the prehistoric animal epoch, although only having the age of Noah, this means from his birth until now.

62,11. These animals actually belong to the large oceans; but at the time of the great flood of Noah, they ended up here in this inland sea and since then exist here and will still continue to exist for another couple of hundred years.

62,12. In such large animals the most raw world soul life substance is collected and is ripened for a better transition. Once the animal finally dies, it collected life goes over into many thousand times thousand higher life forms, where it already in a shorter period obtains a higher life ripeness, either still in the water, in the air or on land, and this continues through all life forms up to humans. But the human souls who have developed along such roads, nevertheless are standing on a very low level and were called by the ancient wise ‘children of the snake and dragons’; because the ancient wise knew in their simplicity more about the origins of souls than the wise nowadays.

62,13. Those are thus the children of this world; in there own way they are clever and earthly rich and powerful, - but by far not suitable for the acceptance of a higher, spiritual life.

62,14. Our traders from Capernaum are of the very same soul origin. They are still committing commercial robbery and are really extremely happy if they have made a rather enormous profit. They therefore still contain a lot of the voracious nature of the snake and collect ongoing treasures over treasures, just like this animal collects all kinds of life substances by its insatiable gluttony.

62,15. But just as everything is taken away from this animal when dying, and distributed to higher life forms, also after the death of the body, everything is taken away from such rich and selfish fogeys, and in the beyond they must be purified from their old snake-like nature by great poverty and by hunger and thirst. It is indeed bitter and terrible that it is like that; but for those kind of lowest level life forms, it cannot be otherwise.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-62 Chapter