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Chapter 63 - The reason for God becoming man.

63,1. (The Lord:) “To create is easy; but to guide the creatures, which where placed outside of oneself, to become free, non-judged and independent beings, is even for the divine almightiness no small matter. Nevertheless, with patience and forbearance one can in the end achieve everything, and once a matter with regard to the best purpose has been achieved, one does not think of the time anymore required to achieve it.

63,2. It compares to a pregnant woman, who also during her pregnancy has to endure a lot of fear and labour pains; however, once the child is born out of the woman into the world after a certain time, then all fears of the woman have subsided, and she does not think anymore about the labour pains, since she sees in front of her the living fruit, which has gone forth from her into a free and independent life.

63,3. If the making of an independent being would be a matter to achieve more easily, the Creator of all things and all beings would truly not regard it as necessary, to come into this world as a man Himself, to accomplish the possible most perfect free creation of man through teachings and deeds.

63,4. If somebody else would have told you this, you would say to him: ‘Man, what are you drivelling about and what nonsense are you talking!’ But I Myself tell you here such, and thus you can believe Me that it is so; since for a trifle matter I would never have taken up the flesh of this world and even its death, and walk with you, My creatures, like a real father with his children.

63,5. You now say to yourselves that this is highly true, but why does it happens precisely now, and what about the past time eternities, in which God existed just as endlessly perfect like now, - what happened to those creatures, who could not attain this present life perfection, since I never before have taken up a physical body like a created person.

63,6. Yes, My dear children, this is quite a weighty question! However, partly I already have explained this to you, My old disciples, when we where with old Marcus at Caesarea Philippi, and you still know some of it about this; but you still do not know fully, why out of the infinite time periods in particular this period has been chosen, to give to the human creatures from now on the full godlikeness for ever.

63,7. See, with the whole, endless large creation, God observes with regard to time and space always one and the same most wise order! Would it be impossible for God to create a person equipped with all wisdom and strength without procreation and a mother’s womb, just as it is possible for Him, to call in an instance a lightening strike from the air?! Certainly not, and I Myself have given you sufficient evidence for this!

63,8. However, if this is possible for God, why then does He allows it that man is first fathered into a woman’s womb, and then develops and grows in same from period to period and part by part? If fully ripened in the mother’s womb over a considerable period of time, he reaches laborious birth, when still lacking the full development of many body parts. In time these become more fully developed; the tongue becomes more flexible and begins to babble words, the organs become increasingly more orderly, and the stronger and the more mature becoming soul can make more and more use of them, and so it continues from step to step up- and forward for as long until man after about thirty to forty years, exists as a strong, experience rich and intelligent person. All knowledge and experiences he had to acquire through own troubles and work, so that he can become a useful and honourable fellow citizen to his fellow-men. Yes, why then all this with every person, if God is almighty and can produce a fully wise and strong human being without birth and education out of the air or even from nothing?

63,9. Indeed, God can do this; but what would such people be? I say to you: nothing than machines who never could have an own free will, never could have an own self-consciousness and never could have an independent free activity, neither in thinking nor in feeling and actions, but God’s almighty will would have to animate them anew every moment out of Himself; He Himself had to think and will in them and had to stimulate and draw their limbs into action. If God would not do this, such a person would then be apparently completely dead and had to disappear from existence instantly.

63,10. So that the once created person can freely exist like out of himself, develops and consolidates himself, then like out of his own strength becomes free in thinking, will and action, God already from eternity established an order, according to which the once released ideas of God had to isolate themselves more and more from God, finally had to so to speak find and feel themselves as a separated being and life and become freely active according to their own thoughts and free will, so that they thereby as fully life-consolidated can be guided by God through external teachings to become self-growing Gods and be brought to life completion as if by their own means.

63,11. For that it takes a very long time, which is well calculated by God and which is divided into many periods, in which this and that progress can be carried out.

63,12. Just like with every quite properly developing person the moment must arrive, in which he is equipped for the acceptance of a higher wisdom, this moment has come before your eyes for the whole of creation, precisely calculated by God, whereby for all ripened creatures the opportunity is given, to go over from their old judged graves to the full resemblance of God, and therefor it says in the scriptures that now all who were and still are in their graves, will hear the voice of the Son of Man, if they have become ripe out of themselves and out of their own strength have gone forth to the everlasting, true and fully God resembling life.

63,13. And because this from God already from eternity clear and well calculated moment has arrived now, in which all creatures who have attained a certain absolutely independent ripeness, which truly and clearly can be recognized thereby, that the most people nearly doesn’t know anything about God anymore and are completely isolated from God, I as God am here, to not guide the people by My almightiness anymore, but only through the teaching which I give to them, as if I Myself am not more and nothing else than they themselves.

63,14. I can now as a person communicate with them like a foreigner with another foreigner, and the old reason has now come to a complete end, whereby nobody can see God and at the same time keep his life. You can now look at Me as you like and still keep your life unharmed!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-63 Chapter