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Chapter 65 - The otherworldly guidance of the souls that incarnated as human beings before Jesus. On the Kingdom of Heaven.

65,1. Said Peter: “Lord, we understand this quite well; but the only question remains: What will happen to those who have lived prior to Your descend, and this from Adam onwards? Can they still attain the true life completion, and how?”

65,2. Said I: “This is of course quite obvious! I have not opened the gates to life for only those currently living on earth, but also for all who have gone to the beyond long ago. And many of the old sinners will have to undergo somewhere another short flesh life trial anew, as I have shown it to you already.

65,3. However, in the beyond there are endless many schools, in which the souls can be instructed in the most practical manner. But of course in the beyond it is not that easily achieved as here, because there a soul has no other world and surrounding as the one, which originates out of her thinking, feeling and will and provides everything to the soul what she loves and want.

65,4. Now, it then apparently is more difficult, to guide a soul favourably, if she is full erroneous perceptions, than here where she is standing on foreign and firm soil and is surrounded by a large mass of likewise totally foreign surroundings. However, nevertheless also in the beyond there exist sufficient means, through which a soul can be influenced fruitfully. But this will be explained to you more closely at another opportunity.

65,5. This however, should serve nobody as a particular consolation; since if in the beyond a soul in herself and thus in her world, becomes more bad and evil rather than better, it goes without saying that in the same measure also her pseudo-world and her society and surrounding becomes equally bad. As the soul in itself becomes more truthless and lightless, so does also her world and her surrounding, which starts to press and torture her. With the increase in torture also her rage and thirst for revenge increases, and this is already the entrance to hell, and is truly a second death of the soul, from which it is very difficult to save her.

65,6. These are of course only pure means whereby a soul over a great length of time can be saved; but they truly look very sad! Since it can cost some arch-evil soul billions of earth years, until she through such agonising means comes to some betterment out of herself. Therefore, one day here on earth is worth more than a hundred years in the beyond, calculated in earth years. - Do you understand this?”

65,7. Said now all again: “Yes, Lord, we understand this; but in the background still another question rises, and it consist more or less of the following: If a soul has passed away from here but is not yet completed and lives in a pure pseudo-world which originates from her thinking, feeling and will - what also could be called a phantasy-world - of what then does the world of completed souls comprises? How does the kingdom of heaven look like, and to what can it be good and truthfully compared?”

65,8. Said I: “It is already time to return to the innkeeper, - but since this is not an unimportant question, I will answer it along the way. Thus lets go and listen to Me!

65,9. See, with the actual kingdom of heaven, which is a kingdom of truth, light and love, as I have shown to you already at various opportunities, it has the most truest circumstances: This kingdom is not an external ostentation and does not enter a person with external signs and attributes, but it develops entirely inside you, is then in you, grows in you, penetrates you and becomes your dwelling and your most blissful world.

65,10. But here the kingdom of heaven equals a sower who sowed the good seed. Some of it fell onto the road; of this a part was eaten by the birds of the air and another part was treaded on by travellers. The seed thus did not came up and also did not yielded any fruit. Some fell on a rocky surface. Initially some sprouted for as long the stones had some moisture in it, but the seed could not drive any feeding roots into the rock; the moisture was also not enough for the greater feeding of the stalk, and thus it dried out and did not yield any fruit. Another part however, fell underneath the thorns and shrubs. Initially it sprouted quite well, but when it had to develop fully, it was overgrown by the thorns and the wild shrubs, it thus perished and also yielded no fruit. Only one part fell onto a good earth, came up and yielded multiple fruit.

65,11. And see, it is the same with the kingdom of heaven on this earth! I Myself am the Sower, and My word is the good seed, from which for everyone the kingdom of heaven should grow as fruit. Where it will fall on good soil, it will yield hundredfold fruit; but if it falls onto the roads of this world, or onto the rocks or between thorns and wild shrubs, it will not yield any fruit. Among the people however, which I compare to the roads, must be understood the actual world people, as we had many at our innkeeper today. The travellers on the road who tread the seed, are their trade- and profit efforts, and their trade thoughts flying in all direction, are the birds which eat the seed not yet treaded on, so that no fruit could grow. Those type of people are, as already said, the actual pigs, to whom My pearls should not be thrown as food.

65,12. Under stones is meant those world wise who accept everything with a certain greediness, - but because they are founded inside on all kinds of worldly falsities, their disposition has so to speak become hardened, and as such the new seed in them has too little animating moisture and too little soft and pliable soil for the acceptance of feeding roots. If a wind and drought comes, the little stalk soon dries out and since it has no roots it will be blown away by the wind. Or, if this person is confronted with any temptation, he says: ‘I have known it from the beginning that there is nothing to this matter! Where is the promise which should become fulfilled, - and instead of the fulfilment I have to suffer! Therefore away with all such new teachings!’ This is thus the stone.

65,13. Who are then the thorns and the wild shrubs? These are those rather good-natured world citizens, who accept My word with quite a lot of joy and even maintain it for some time. But in time all kinds of worries emerge and together with it all kinds of concerns and fears. They suffocate the living word in their hearts so that it also cannot yield any fruit.

65,14. And as such we are left with only a small part of people, who can be compared to a truly good soil. They accept the word and immediately put it faithfully to work. And then the seed yields plentiful fruit, and this fruit is then the actual kingdom of heaven in man and does not have external pomp. But this kingdom which man has created in himself out of My word, will expand and provide him with all bliss, light, truth, all wisdom and power over all creatures.

65,15. But you also should recognize from this, where to sow My word; since where you sow it, it also should bear fruit! Above all it must fall into a good soil. If there it yields richly interest, then the traders, world wise and the concerned world citizens will come by themselves and will buy from you the seed for their fields. - Have you comprehended this quite well?”

65,16. Said all: “Lord, also this we have understood quite well and surely will follow Your advice; since we certainly will not sow this most noble life seed on roads, on rocks and under thorns. - However, now the innkeeper meets us in quite a hurry! What is it that he is in such a hurry?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-65 Chapter