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Chapter 69 - The divine love, its providence and wisdom.

69,1. (The Lord:) “Truly, I say to you: Who hears My word, accepts it as the truth and faithfully lives and acts accordingly, will henceforth not feel nor taste death! But who only wants to drag Me along next to the world as a good prey, will until his end on this earth feel very little about life’s consolation, and in the beyond it will show clearly what was weighing heavier in him. Since who has more of the world in him, will have a lot to do to reestablish the balance again, and he still has to wait for a long time until I will be sitting in his house as a guest and take My rest with him.

69,2. But you, who knows this now, have good courage, and think for yourself, that one does not cut down a tree with one blow, and you will find rest in your soul! From now on you only have to act according to My word, and the other what you are searching for, will be given to you at the right time.

69,3. Do not worry too much about your house and what your family members will eat and drink; since this is only done by the world people and the heathens, who does not know anything about God and respectively about Me! According to My word search only for the kingdom of God and its most lightful justice, which above all consists in the love for God and for the fellow-man, and everything else will be given to you for free! {Mt.06,25; lk.12,22; jl.ev06.193,07; jl.ev07.055,12; jl.ev08.049,08; jl.ev08.089,06; jl.ev09.155,15 b Mt.06,33; =lk.12,31; rÖm.14,17; 1 kÖn.03,13-14; ps.037,04; ps.037,25; lk.12,31; jl.ev08.049,08; jl.ev06.069,03; jl.ev07.055,12; jl.ev08.089,06; jl.ev08.126,09-13; jl.ev09.155,11; jl.ev08.163,10; jl.ev09.155,11; jl.ev09.209,09-10; jl.ev10.016,07; jl.ev10.194,15; jl.ev11.290; jl. ErdM.070,01-04}}

69,4. Look at the flowers of the field who do not work and harvest nothing, and the Father in heaven still provides for them, that they are fed and finally are a lot more delightfully dressed than Salomon was ever dressed in his highest king’s splendour. {a Mt.06,28: lk.12,27; jl.ev08.049,10; b Mt.06,29: 1 kÖn.10,05; 1 kÖn.04,21 following; =lk.12,27; jl.ev06.193,07; jl.ev08.049,10; jl.ev09.155,13}

69,5. If God already provides for the grass, which grows today and gets mowed tomorrow and according to an old custom is dried in bundles and burned in the oven to ashes, how much more will God provide for those people, who love Him and keep His commandments! {Mt.08,26; Mt.16,08; lk.12,28; jl.ev06.069,05; jl.ev06.193,07; jl.ev09.155,14}

69,6. If already people, who are now mostly bad and evil, love their children and do as much as possible good for them, how much more will the all-good Father in heaven do to them, who He regarded as worthy to become His children! Or did you ever heard of a person who was talented with a lot of true wisdom, that he became cruel and relentless towards his neighbours or even towards his children?!

69,7. Since human memory it is known that a wise person is also a good person and wants to do good to all people. Only wisdom gave people laws, through which, when easily observed, they all could become fully happy; wisdom only had to sanction the laws for the sake of evil and willfully disobedient people, so that the good people had a means in their hands, to force the evil fools with force to do good, if the gentle admonitions are not honored. Hence, also the sanctions of the orderly laws are an act of love and mercy out of wisdom.

69,8. If already the full wisdom of people only effectuates good, and guides the unwise people towards true happiness of life, how much more the most highest and deepest wisdom of God!

69,9. That the deepest wisdom of God cannot and forever will not work against its own order, on which the existence of all creatures depend, must any only somewhat wise person fully understand, because thereby the existence and happiness of all good and blest beings would be endangered. But the highest wisdom wants also to bring the recalcitrant spirits and beings to the good and true and for this purpose has provided the most suitable means, which of course does not tastes for the stubborn sinner like milk and honey, - but it nevertheless will always depend on his will, to change whenever he wants to.

69,10. And the same is also applicable already here. Everything depends on the serious will of man; if he seriously betters himself and in full trust asks God for something right and good in My name, it will be given to him in the measure of his true betterment and his faith and trust. And you can now with such My most truest promise be fully content.

69,11. Who thinks about all this and acts accordingly, will become happy in everything and will not be afraid anymore about the death of the body, even if he previously was a coarse sinner. Since God, the Father in heaven, has send Me into this world for the sake of the sinners and not for the sake of the righteous, and as the Father has send Me, likewise I will also send you to the sinners; since only the sick require the doctor and not the healthy. - Are you now completely clear about this?”

69,12. Said the innkeeper: “O, who could be still unclear about it?! - But now the day is beginning to come to an end. What shall we do now?”

69,13. Said I: “This now depends on you; since for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I will determine nothing. If you have something, say it, and I will see what can be done about it!”

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