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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-72 Chapter

Chapter 72 - Influences of the spirits on natural events as permitted by destiny.

72,1. Said the innkeeper further: “But did the raw and evil spirits have such power to push such a considerable piece of land which on top is quite solid, to such great depth?”

72,2. Said I: “They actually have just as little power as a sleeping giant; but it is allowed for their own wakening, that something according to the will of a higher, fully awakened, spiritual power occurs in reality, what such evil spirits want to carry out in their trifle dream phantasy and for what they always make vainly attempts. If something like this takes place, they suddenly become awake and see their wretchedness. Thereupon some are placed by their own will out of their evil dream life into a more awakened state and afterwards are more careful not to fall back into such evil phantasies anymore, so that not again something comes crushing down and mangle them up in their perceived free being.

72,3. But this was a culmination of circumstances well calculated long ago for reaching a good purpose. Underneath this piece of land, since for you unthinkable primordial times of the earth, a large cave formed an underground extension of the sea. But in time the already somewhat narrow connection between the open sea and the underground sea, through which it was fed, was blocked by accumulated sea bottom mud. When this connection over time became completely sealed off, the underground water started to sink away and left a large hollow cave. Through the many earthquakes loose pieces of rock material, underneath this land, one by one fell into the depth of the hollow cave. Thereby this collapsed piece of land became of course thinner and weaker in its durability.

72,4. When during recent times the raw earth spirits, as a result of a muted excitement from the evil souls who, because of their material nature dwell largely in underground earth caves, caused a small tremor of the earth, this whole piece of land subsided because its weakened support and crushed into the depth. This was the actual quite natural reason; but it is nevertheless not only natural, but also spiritual for it has been planned and allowed by God since inconceivable times for the awakening of the evil sleep spirits.

72,5. And as such nothing takes place on earth as only natural events by itself, but always in full connection with the spiritual for a spiritual purpose; since in all the world the spiritual is in strict connection with the physical and in a always reciprocal subsequent effect, what you only will fully understand when you through actions according to My teaching have become reborn in your spirit. - However, after completion of this work we can leave for home again; for also there we will encounter something new.”

72,6. Said the innkeeper: “Lord, should I not first call my servants and maidens that also they can learn what unheard miracle has taken place here?”

72,7. Said I: “Let it be for toady; since for this there will be still plenty of time tomorrow! That your servants will be quite astonished about this, is certain; but for their still quite sensuous souls they will not draw a lot of use from it, because they are mainly Greeks and thus still dark and quite superstitious people and will ascribe such phenomena immediately to some half-god. They will start to teach you about the reason for this phenomena even before you can teach them; and if you say to them that I, the carpenter from Nazareth, have done this, they will either laugh about it or say that I Myself have a connection with a half-god and therefore be able to effectuate such.

72,8. Those people are not able for the acceptance of the kingdom of God for a long time to come; they first have to be prepared in a skilful manner and placed into a state, where they think and judge more brightly about appearances in the natural world. However, these people guide everything back to the will of the invisible gods, whose presence they seem to actually smell, and under such circumstances they still have a long way to go regarding the full truth out of the heavens of God; therefore let them be and we can go back home!”

72,9. Hereupon we left the place and went back home to our inn.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-72 Chapter