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Chapter 76 - The causes for the decline of human beings. Theocracy and kingship. Last days and Judgment.

76,1. Said I: “Think about what I already have told you about it; but the main causes for the deterioration of people are arrogance, sluggishness, self-love and born from it imperiousness.

76,2. Already during times of Samuel did the people started to become work shy. They started to become ashamed of certain types of work and hired servants and maidens to perform such. The rich property owners laid their hands in their laps and let the others work for them. Who performed the most work for them, were rewarded higher what was quite right; but at this opportunity the property owners developed into a kind of small rulers, who refused to even take the smallest of servant’s work into their hands, but they just ordered the servants and maidens to work, they themselves however did not moved one finger.

76,3. The children became like the parents, namely lazy, self-centred and power hungry. They learned to rule over the serving people, but they did not want to dirty their own hands with any menial, common work. This bad habit grew among the people from year to year and only too soon reached that level, where the anyway overfed haughtiness could not find sufficient satiation anymore. He, the Jew, looked wistfully at the splendour and at the great and high standing dignitaries of the heathen nations, and among those kings he saw one of the topmost human honours en highest dignity. In short, they also wanted a worldly king and were not content anymore with the purest rule of God through the seers and judges!

76,4. When the people, ignoring all good admonitions from the seers, still demanded a king from Samuel, the devout servant of God placed the foolish desire of the people before God, since out of himself he did not know what to do.

76,5. Then Jehovah said to him: ‘Look, to all the sins this nation has already committed before My face, they now commit this biggest sin: that they demand a king! Go and anoint the biggest man of the nation! He will punish them for the committed sins against Me.’

76,6. See, these are in summary the words of Jehovah in response to the demands of the people! The consequences of the thereby more and more fed haughtiness of the people, you can partly read in the book of kings and in chronic, where briefly the nice stories are recorded, - but for the biggest part you now have them before your eyes.

76,7. Friend, only in true humility lies the road to the inner life of the soul! But who possess it currently? See, not even the servant of his master; since he measures himself against the servants of another lord in comparison to the honor and reputation of his own lord! If this is just one degree higher than the lord of another servant, the servant of a lesser lord is looked upon with disdain, and between the two only a few words are spoken.

76,8. I say to you: For as long not true, pure love and its corresponding humility will order and guide the nations, for as long it will be dark on earth in general. That there always will be some who are in the light, is certain indeed, but those will always be few. Since for as long there exist worldly large and beyond all measure proud and glory searching rulers in the world, for as long in all layers of mankind the seed of haughtiness and rule-addiction will continue to proliferate, and night, darkness, selfishness, jealousy, stinginess, pursuit and betrayal as the true elements of hell will not give way from the ground of this earth until the time of the great judgment, when again I will purify the earth by fire. After such time no king will rule over any nation of this earth, but only the light of God. You will not experience that time in the flesh, but brightly and most clearly in the spirit in My kingdom.”

76,9. Said the innkeeper: “Lord, when, counted in years, this joyful time will arrive?”

76,10. Said I: “This is only known by the Father and after Him it is only known by him to whom the Father wants to reveal it. Until now the Father has not yet revealed it to Me, except that it will happen. But this you all can take as the full truth, that nearly every two-thousand years a large change takes place on earth. And as such it will also take place as calculated from now on. - However, nothing further about that!” {mk.13,32; lk.21,33; Acts01,07; jl.ev08.049,06; jl.ev06.174,07-08; jl.ev08.162,04-06}

76,11. Said the innkeeper: “Lord, if You agree, then the morning meal could by now be fully prepared!”

76,12. Said I: “Now, lets go and consume it!”

76,13. Thereupon we all returned home, where the morning meal was waiting for us. The disciples who stood behind were asking us where we were, because they couldn’t find us.

76,14. But I said: “We were precisely there, where we were, and you have looked for us where we not were, and this is the simple reason why you haven’t found us. But now lets eat and drink!”

76,15. Thereupon the morning meal was consumed and during the meal one of the Jew-Greeks mentioned, that My answer to their question, sounded a little strange and they did not know what they should make of it.

76,16. I then said to them: “Precisely the way I have given it to you! If you want to think about it more deeply, you also will find a great spiritual truth in it.”

76,17. Said the disciples: “This will be somewhat difficult; since it appears if it was quite a good word punishment for our cheeky question!”

76,18. Said I: “Oh, not at all! But I am going to tell you what I wanted to tell you with it. And thus listen to Me!

76,19. Truly, those who will not look for Me there where I am, are not going to find Me and also will not find Me. In time many will look for Me and are not going to find Me! There will be times in which many false prophets and Messiahs will rise and say to you: ‘See, here is the Anointed!’ or ‘There he is!’ However, all those do not believe, for where they say I could be found, I will be found in the least and actually will never be found. Who will look for Me in anything which just in the slightest manner smells worldly, will not find Me, but only he, who searches for Me in true love, humility and self-abnegation, will surly always and everywhere find Me.

76,20. But you have gone out with a little annoyed disposition, to look for Me, while earlier on I did not tell you where I would be going to this morning before the morning meal. And see, this was not the right place, firstly spiritually in your disposition to look for Me, and secondly it therefore was also not the right place externally where I could be found!

76,21. This does not bears any relation to you towards Me, but I only showed you this in a picture, how things will be in future. Therefore, just like Me, every real teacher should at every opportunity place his words in such a way, also with regard to the most trifle matters, that they may serve as a basis for a new, important teaching. Since truly I say to you: In the kingdom of the spirits, who are pure before God, you will be held accountable for every vainly empty word and become wrecked before the pure light of truth out of God!”

76,22. These words did not tasted too well for the disciples; but they nevertheless recorded them deeply into their souls.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-76 Chapter