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Chapter 79 - The farewell from the innkeeper at Capernaum. The inner word as God's secret in the human heart

79,1. On this morning also Judas Ischariot came back to us and wanted to begin to tell all the things which he has spoken and accomplished in My name.

79,2. But I said to him: “Leave it, since nothing is unknown to Me! See to it, that you are not lying! So that this does not happen, do not speak; because if you speak, half of it is untrue!”

79,3. Thereupon he was quiet and looked around if he could get something to eat.

79,4. But I now said to the innkeeper: “Listen, friend, there is nothing further to do here and after the midday meal I will leave here! Since towards evening a lot of foreigners will arrive here, among them also many Jews from Jerusalem and with them I want to avoid any meeting because of very wise reasons. But prepare a good midday meal for us; it then is up to you to prepare a bill for us, perhaps not for Me and My old disciples, but for the twenty new disciples who carry quite a lot of gold and silver with them!”

79,5. Said the innkeeper: “No, Lord and Master, and even if Your disciples would be many more and stayed for ten years in this my inn, noone would be allowed to pay me only one bad stater! I am so deeply indebted to You, o Lord, that I could never repay You, not even with a mountain size gold lump. Just think of the fish catch, then the miraculous filling of the large hole and finally the reawakening of my dearest child! With what treasures of the world can such be repaid according to value?!”

79,6. Said I: “Now then go, and let them prepare a good midday meal for us!”

79,7. And the innkeeper went and arranged everything.

79,8. But now also the disciples came to Me and said: “Lord, to where will You go now? In Galilee we have visited every place and went from house to house. Only Judea, Samaria and Little Mesopotamia and also Syria and the area towards Damascus has been visited by us scarcely or not at all. How about it if we would go there?”

79,9. Said I: “That the countries named by yourself are in need of light, above all the most severely degenerated Judea, I know; but I nevertheless will not go there, because there they are endeavour the most to kill Me. Although it is so that nobody can cause Me any harm before a predetermined time, of which I have given you many proofs already, - but I do not want to make the Judea people even more worse by My presence, as it is the case anyway. But the other countries are not ripe enough for Me, and therefore we will stay in Galilee and fan the light even more.” {Jn.04,43; b Jn.07,01}

79,10. The disciples agreed to this, since also they did not wanted to have too much to do with the actual Jews. For the Jews despised nearly everything that came from Galilee. The new disciples thought that Little Mesopotamia, Syria and Zöle-Syria were still the most suitable countries where the light from heaven could be spread with a lot of usefulness.

79,11. Said I: “Do not teach Me recognizing those countries. There, for every - say - one bad Jew, there are at least ten Greeks and Romans who are pure heathens stuck in the darkest superstition. How would they understand the true, spiritual light of life?! In Samaria we already poured out the light and it grows there quite considerable. Damascus is a large trade city. The people there only think about how to sell their produce in the best manner, and for the time being there is very little to do with the light; but later the light will also get there, and thus we now have to stay in Galilee, visit our light friends and build them up even more!

79,12. If a ruler wants to rule a nation, it requires that he first has to build for himself a solid castle, which cannot be conquered by his enemies. And if the people see that the ruler is not defeatable, they submit to him and follow his commandments. And as such also Galilee should become a solid castle for us, which the enemy of the light should not that easily bring to a fall. I Myself as a Galilean am the foundation stone, and your faith is the rock on which I build the castle of God. - Now the innkeeper has arrived to invite us to the meal. Thus lets go!”

79,13. The innkeeper came and invited us to the meal, although it was not yet the middle of the day, and we went and consumed the well prepared meal, at which opportunity some aspects of our forthcoming travels had been discussed.

79,14. After the meal we quickly got up and went our way. The innkeeper asked Me if he could accompany us up to the next little town.

79,15. But I said to him: “You also have become one of My disciples now; since you have recognized Me well. Stay for now at home and you will be of more use to Me, than accompanying us! Today still many people will stay in your inn and you will find an opportunity to represent Me and this will repeat itself quite often in the coming days. Within a few weeks however, I will again come to you and stay with you for a few days; you then will find another opportunity to learn more about My new teaching. If however you speak from now on in My name, you will not need to think what you shall speak, since I will place the words in your mouth, which you have to speak!”

79,16. Said the innkeeper: “Lord, how should, how will I feel and perceive it?”

79,17. Said I: “Thoughts, so clear like pronounced words, you will feel in your heart and will pronounce them very easily with the mouth. Therein lies the secret of God in a person’s heart. - And finally I still say something else to you:

79,18. If you find anyone who is ill, lay on him your hands in My name and he will be better! If you have healed someone in this manner, do not asked for any payment, but say to the healed: ‘Thank God the Almighty in His Son Jesus! Go and do not sin anymore! Keep the commandments and do good!” Thereby you will awaken many believers for Me.”

79,19. Hereupon I laid My hands on him and gave him thereby the power to act in My name.

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