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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-80 Chapter

Chapter 80 - The visit at the innkeeper's in Cana. The healing of the sick child. A gospel for breast-feeding mothers.

80,1. We then moved quickly away from this place and arrived towards evening in Cana, Galilee, where I turned the water to wine. We stayed in the same house because it was also a considerable inn. That we were received with the greatest friendliness needs hardly mentioning.

80,2. The young married couple already had a child, namely a boy; but the hardly several weeks old baby suffered from bad cramps, which was the result of a shock suffered by the young mother when still in childbed and a fire broke out in the neighbourly house, which however was quickly extinguished. The young parents, like their still living parents, tried everything to heal the child from this illness; but everything was in vain.

80,3. When I entered the house and they immediately recognized Me, they fell on their knees before Me and said (the young parents): “O Master, truly God has send You to us, to heal our only child! O, we most fervently ask You for it! That everything is possible for You, we know from long ago.”

80,4. Said I: “Stand up; since it is not befitting if people go on their knees before people!”

80,5. Said the young couple: “O Master, we know it that you are more than just a man, and thus it is quite befitting to go on one’s knees before you! O help our child!”

80,6. Said I: “Now, now, stand up and bring Me the sick child!”

80,7. The parents then quickly got up from the floor and brought the child to Me. But I laid My hands on it and blessed it and in the same moment the child was cheerful and healthy, as if there never was anything wrong with it.

80,8. I thereupon said to the young mother: “Be careful in future! If something strongly excites your disposition and you still have a child to breastfeed, then do not breastfeed the child until your disposition has calmed down completely! For with mother’s milk all kinds of malignance can develop in the body or even in the soul. This remember well! - But now see to it that we all can have an evening meal!”

80,9. The parents thanked Me beyond measure for this benefaction and went to prepare an evening meal for us.

80,10. Within one hour everything was ready and we were taken to a newly build dining hall where we consumed the well prepared evening meal. But after the meal I asked the young landlord, when and how and by whom was this very beautiful and quite spacious dining hall build.

80,11. And the landlord said: “Yes, Lord, this truly was also something of a miracle! The building masters were Joses and Joet, respective sons of Joseph and thus Your stepbrothers. But it happened quite strangely. They only had two assistants and when they started to work the cedars, this work which otherwise would require ten days to complete, did not lasted longer then one day, and the joining of the trees (beams), setting up the roof, the laying of the floor and the construction of everything inside the hall took just as many days as God the Lord required to create the world according to Moses.

80,12. Short and sweet, the construction of such a hall according to the opinion of every expert, would nearly take six month to complete and this with more and very diligent workers, - and this hall was build with only four builders within six days, like it is here, and this surely is a miracle!

80,13. The two brothers said it themselves: “Here the invisible spirit of our divine Brother has helped us!” And it certainly was like that, since even Your dear mother Maria, who quite often visits us, also confirmed it as something true. - Isn’t it so, Lord and Master of all life and being?”

80,14. Said I: “Yes, then it should be so! But now prepare for us beds; since we all have become limb tired! Tomorrow we will find some more time to speak about it.”

80,15. This was quickly done and we all went to rest.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-80 Chapter