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Chapter 87 - The inner development of a spiritual human being.

87,1. Said I: “Friend, this is for the time being not important at all! It is sufficient that the rules had been found, of which the authenticity and fullest truth you cannot deny. Who will know it and live accordingly, will awaken life’s strength in himself and be able to effectuate out of this strength and I will awaken him through the power of the spirit of My words on the youngest day of his inner, spiritual new birth.

87,2. Truly, truly, I say to you: I Myself am - there like everywhere - the truth and the life. Who believes in Me and acts according to My teaching, will by himself and in himself in eternity not see death!”

87,3. Says the tax collector: “Master, these your words sound strange! It somehow appears to me as if you were some kind of higher, divine being, although in flesh and blood for the sake of appearance, but nevertheless basically a pure spirit, who can wrap himself in matter as he pleases, how and whenever he wants. - Did I judged this correctly or not?”

87,4. Said I: “So and so, there is something to it! But what there is to it, you cannot grasp. But what you think you can understand, it is not! For I just as little can leave this body than you; if I want to exit as a spirit, this body has to be killed first. However, the spirit which now fully awakened lives and effectuates in Me, can forever not be killed, but will live and effectuate forever.

87,5. You certainly quite often already have observed the creation in its being and effectuating, and you couldn’t have missed that a certain order exists therein and that the forms have a consistency in themselves in all directions, from which you very easily can recognize, what this or that stands for. You also can recognize what this and that effectuates, and for what it is good and can be used according to its recognized effectuation.

87,6. If however the whole creation according to your new world wisdom would only be a work of blind coincidence, would the things of nature also keep their current permanence of being in all directions? O, certainly not! See, the wind is such a rather more blind force, although only partly! Did you ever see that it produced any certain shape which would have permanence? It scoops up the dust and carries it in loose cloud formations through the air, where the forms change every moment and the same form never reappears again. Can you memorize the form of a cloud that after a few days you could say: ‘See, this is precisely the same cloud which I have seen a few days ago!’?! Or can you along the sea maintain the same about a wave?!

87,7. From this you can quite easily recognize that a blind force never could have produced only one tiny moss plant which in the very same form reappears for many thousand years.

87,8. But if so, does it not appear to a better human mind by itself, that all becoming, being and existence wherein firstly a certain, unchangeable form, state, property, usefulness and final purpose can be quite well recognized separately and specifically, had to be produced by such a force which possess an unlimited and unalterable, even though comprehensive insight and wisdom, without it you never ever be able to see a definitely formed object, be it a stone, a metal, a plant or an animal?! Such a force must certainly be consistently and surely quite aware of itself, because without it nothing could have a specific and in itself consistent from.

87,9. And secondly: Since you necessarily have to assume such a force, which as a primordial being forms the basis of all being, such fundamental primordial force must have a corresponding name, through which it originally can be kept in recollection and memory of the people, who are there to recognize this force. Who will ever ask about a closer recognition of a matter, of which he never ever heard the name of it?! For starters we are going to call this primordial force ‘God’. If we now have a God, we will ask further and say: ‘Where is this God, and how does He look like? How does He create the things and as a pure spirit, how does He brings forth the coarse matter out of Himself?”

87,10. And once a person is starting to ask about it, he already is on a better way! He will dedicate a higher attention to all creatures and search in them, for how much of the divine primordial wisdom is left in them. And the longer he will search, the more of the divine wisdom and order he will easily and soon find therein.

87,11. If he has found it, he will soon notice in his heart a stimulant of love towards God and out of such love he will more and more realize that God in Himself must be filled with the most powerful love, for Him to have such great desire and joy to wonderfully wise create so countless many things and beings, which does not only testify of His being, but rather a lot more bear witness of His wisdom, power and love.

87,12. If a person grows and increases such considerations and realizations, he apparently also increases his love for God and gets closer to Him more and more; but the greater and more firmer such approaches of a person towards God are getting, the more of the spirit of God gathers in his heart, in which thereby the own spirit is fed and is more and more awakened to the true recognition of the own inner life and its strength, in unison with the power of the divine spirit in him.

87,13. If a person has progressed thus far, he already is in life’s mastership and the only thing lacking, is the complete unification with the divine spirit of love and will. If he also manages this, he then is a quite perfect master of life and can effectuate all this what I now effectuate and even a lot more.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-87 Chapter