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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-89 Chapter

Chapter 89 - A dialogue between the physician and the innkeeper about the Lord.

89,1. When we occupied the resting chairs for our rest, the tax collector, his son and also his other children and wives, of which he had seven according to custom of the Orient, left us immediately and also his officers and other servants, and we soon fell asleep since we were quite tiered from the long journey. But the people of the house stayed awake in other rooms for quite a long time and talked a lot about our appearance in their little town.

89,2. The younger doctor who stayed behind said as a last remark to the tax collector: “Friend, if it was possible to adopt such a mastership of life, one soon had gathered all the money of the whole world! Quite a lot of kings would give away half their kingdoms for the one who could guarantee their life! No, unbelievable all the things occurring on this dear earth!

89,3. How long has it been since a couple of magicians surprised us with their strange miracles when passing here on their way to Melite?! But all their performances were quite obvious false miracles and were of no use to anybody except to themselves. It wasn’t a bad entertainment; but nobody learned anything good from it. They also brought all kinds of apparatus along as well as snakes, monkeys and dogs, camels and mules and containers full of ointments and oils. But these came on foot, brought nothing and did things, that one could quite easily regard them as gods! Nothing beyond this can come anymore!

89,4. Also their teaching to us were quite good and was in line with what they are doing; only the old Judaism was shining through quite prominently like the basic principles of the old Jewish prophet schools which I’m quite familiar with, from which quite extraordinary wise men has gone forth, which were called prophets. Now, whether one can attain in all seriousness the wondrous mastership of life through the most precise following possible of the rules briefly made known to us, we still have to wait and see!

89,5. To love someone and only divinity so to speak above all with the fullest seriousness of life, is a difficult matter, because as a mature thinking man it is already difficult to believe that such a God, as proved fully true, exist. His proof for the existence of a sole, true God is quite good and makes good listening; but from the side of the scholar it takes a very diligent practise from the cradle, and this under the continual guidance of an experienced theosophist, otherwise it will be very difficult for anyone to come to the full recognition of the sole and true God along this road.

89,6. However, may it be as it wants, and apart from the explanation given to us by the main miracle man, he nevertheless is an extraordinary phenomenon! Firstly to call a dead back to life by just the word and in addition completely healthy, is something which never was there before in its entirety, - and secondly to know very precisely the still most secret thoughts of a person, and to call a person whom he never has seen before by his name, - friends, these are things which no human mind is able to understand! Truly, although I do not regard the gods and godheads as very much, I nevertheless would be quite inclined to regard this man rather as a God than as an ordinary person!”

89,7. Said the tax collector: “I also share this opinion and through this assumption one would much quicker reach the goal then even the most strictest observance of the rules shown to us. By the way, several times he made it quite clear that he is something more than just an ordinary citizen of this earth. Now, perhaps tomorrow we will find out even more about this good man! His character seems to be quite honest and it is nice talking to him. We will probably hear quite a lot more from him! But for today let us also go to take our rest; since tomorrow we will have a lot to do!”

89,8. Thereupon one after the other retired for the night and slept until sunup.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-89 Chapter