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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-95 Chapter

Chapter 95 - At the meal in the house of the tax collector Jored. The Lord's teachings of life.

95,1. The tax collector naturally invited also the five priests to the midday meal, which invitation they in all friendliness accepted and they sat down at our table. During the meal, according to Greek custom, not much or even nothing all together was said; but after the meal when the wine has loosened the tongues, the talking started and soon it became quite lively at the table.

95,2. But the five priests only listened but spoke very little; for they secretly wanted to intercept from the conversations of the disciples and the other guests, who I actually was and from where I originated. But nothing of the sort was forthcoming from the different conversations of the guests.

95,3. In time they ran out of patience and they started to asked if they could say something, namely about their priestly behaviour in future so that they can balance themselves towards the people.

95,4. I then said to them: “Do not speak anything else than the truth, like it was, and how it happened, and call upon the witnesses of which there are many here, and no hair of you will be harmed! But then accept My new teaching and preach it to the people, and they will be extremely joyful for seeing for a change completely different people and teachers as it was until now the case! Are you under the impression that the people belonging to your temple have believed you more? I say to you: among one-hundred not more than two! They came to you out of an old habit and enjoyed your spectacle show; but for a long time already nobody believed you anymore! You thus have lost nothing herewith, but only gained a lot.

95,5. But what My teaching is all about, My disciples will teach you quite easily until evening and also tell you how you should go about to teach the people. However, above all you must do what the teaching requires; because only thereby you can attain the completion of life and in such also do, what I now do and if you become completely perfect, even more and greater things.

95,6. Since the true, great, only God did not created man, so that he, just like animals, should only be active for the satisfaction of his physical needs, but rather much more for the inner, spiritual needs. And who becomes spiritually active and exercises by knowledge, believe and deed the spiritual forces, will also become strong and mighty in spirit.

95,7. But who above all exercises the forces of the spirit, builds in himself the kingdom of God and this is then in a person the true, everlasting life which is related to God the Creator and alike in all properties.

95,8. Once man has attained such most blissful state of life and has unified his will with the recognized will of God, he then can do everything what God is doing and he thus is a lord of life and a mighty ruler over all the forces of nature. That you will not understand everything completely now, I can see; but if My disciples will teach you more thoroughly, then you will also understand more brightly what I have told you than right now.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-95 Chapter