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Chapter 103 - The way to life perfection.

103,1. After a long time of utter amazement the magician said: “Wondrous, mighty young man. If you are not a God, then I cannot imagine a God anymore, because both of these deeds of yours are for a created being, born of a woman, impossible. The almighty power of a true God is needed for this. This is my cup and that is my inestimable valuable diamond, as there must only be a few of them. They must have come through the air, and thus must have covered the distance faster than a lightning. But then, arriving here, one should have heard a whizzing sound. But not at all. With amazing speed and without any sound the stone was here. Yes, how can one imagine that this is possible for a human being? In short, we finally have found in you the God who was eternally hidden for us. But now, only your almighty power is capable to chase us away from here.”

103,2. Raphael said: “O friends and brothers – because this is what you are now to me – do not take me for anything else than a man who by God’s grace is more perfect then you are yourselves until now. Who am I compared to God? A powerless absolute nothing. Everything that I do, I am only doing it by the Spirit of God that is filling my inner being, because it is full of the love for God and by that I am also full of God’s will. Thus, what the will of God wills in me, happens, because the word and the will of God is the real true something, the being and the existence of all things and beings, and it is entirely the fulfilled deed itself.

103,3. However, there is only a spark of God’s Spirit in me, but this is united with the eternal infinite Spirit of God. And what the eternal infinite Spirit of God wills, wills also the closely united spark in me, of which I am always aware, and which is only able to will what God wills, and thus, what God’s Spirit wills in me it also happens immediately.

103,4. Although the same spark is also hidden in you, but only as the living germ in the grain of seed. As long as the grain of seed is not in the soil, it is apparently dead. Only when all the outside and the material part falls away and the soul substance is uniting with the living spiritual germ, the spirit becomes active and does wonders which you have seen already many times.

103,5. But so also, the material man must kill and destroy all the material striving within him by the free will of his soul. In a certain way he must no more be attached to anything that is of the world. His striving must be: to recognize and to love God more and more, and to fulfill in everything the will of God that is revealed to him – even if this would cost the soul and its body no matter what kind of great sacrifices.

103,6. In this way, the divine spirit in man becomes skillful, will soon fill the whole man, makes him equal to God and gives him all power and might and the eternal indestructible life.

103,7. Therefore, I have already told you before that man can only find God as the eternal love, wisdom and truth, by the pure love for Him and by the truth from that, and further in no other way.

103,8. Just try to hang a grain of seed in the air and let it be shone by the fiercest sunlight. It will dry up, will not germinate and will not bear fruit. And look, in this way it also happens to someone who is searching for God in the outer light of the worldly wisdom. He dries up and withers away by that. And all his idle trouble and work was done in vain.

103,9. When a still living and healthy grain of seed is put into the soil, it is an image and likeness and means as much as: man must start to deny all sensual worldly lusts. He must become full of humility, meekness, patience, love and mercy for his fellowmen. Then he also will become full of love for God. Once man has become that, he already lies as a good viable and strong germinating grain of seed in the soil of the true life. He becomes totally pervaded by his spirit out of God that is helping him to grow up and to become ripe for the eternal life out of God and for the contemplation of God.

103,10. He who accomplishes this within him, has found God – who is otherwise eternally hidden – and will then also never lose Him in all eternity. This is how I did it and I am now what I am, and many of those whom you can see there in front of you are for the greatest part also like that or even more than I. If you will do that, you will also reach to the same result as I. But then you must ban a lot of worldly things completely out of yourselves. Did you all understand me?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-103 Chapter