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Chapter 104 - The guilt of the magicians.

104,1. The chief magician said: “Yes, it is starting to dawn a little in me now, but there is the continuous question in me: why did we not receive – with approval of the only, true and definitely all-knowing God – all these exalted and divine true things much earlier as a revelation? Since immemorial times we were already languishing in our night and great darkness, and we always have searched for the things that we have found now. We certainly are also men and we also have worshipped and honored God with the meaningful name Delailama (creates and destroys), and we have not accepted the teaching of Zorouasto, and still, as priests, we have never received any revelation. And that was then also the reason why precisely we, priests, lost all faith, although we continuously made the people believe firmly. What was the reason for that? Is it because from ancient times there was some secret curse on us, or were we – without wanting it – guilty of it, or was it because of our climate?”

104,2. Raphael said: “Neither one nor the other old curse and even less your climate, but only yourselves. Not only once, but very often and many times, many people were awaken to teach you, showing that you were on the wrong way. But what did you do with those people? You have damned them as heretics of your foolish teaching, and if you were able to catch them, no martyrdom was cruel enough as a warning to help them out of this world. The reason of that were your unlimited pride and your insatiable lust of power.

104,3. According to you, God, the Lord of infinity, had to reveal Himself to you, so that you, if it pleased you, could impart that revelation to the people drop by drop. Thus, in 1 hour barely as much as you received in one moment for a full millennium. But God did not agree on that at all and gave you instead of the light from the Heavens the darkness of Hell, in which for the greatest part you are still present now. And no one else is to blame for that except only yourselves.

104,4. Because God, in His primordial Being is the supreme and purest Love Himself. In the highest degree He is friendly, humble and tolerant and full of patience, meekness and mercy. He despises everything that resembles worldly splendor. The pride of men is an abomination and the lust of power is everywhere present in Hell about which you told the people many terrible bad things. Because also in Hell every bad spirit wants to be a ruler, for the devils in Hell cannot exist and have no life without the lie, deceit, pride and lust of power. When this was the case with you, could there ever be a divine revelation among you?

104,5. In the worldly blindness of your good little life you thought of course that a God, as the supreme Being, could only reveal Himself to the imaginary supreme rulers of this world, because you were estimating the value of somebody from the people to be much lower than an animal. But in this you were greatly mistaken, because especially God is the humility, the meekness, the patience, the eternal love and the mercy Himself. And He always gives only favor to those who are just like He Himself has been since eternity. And His eternal, holy saying is: ‘Let the little ones and the small ones come to Me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of Love, Wisdom, Truth and eternal Life.’

104,6. And look, this is what the small ones have announced to you from the burning piles of wood, and for this you have shut up their mouth with stones, or, if they were still in your hands in jail, you have, instead of listening to them, torn out their tongue with red-hot pincers. Tell me what else did God have to do for you, when your unlimited lust of power was dealing in such a way with those whom God had awaken for you blind ones. How many thousands more were tortured by you in a more than cruel way, whom God, as already said, had awakened for you? And still, you dare to ask, why only now you have found the hidden One – although only partly yet.

104,7. Read the history and you will find that what I have said to you now is completely the truth. But after that, say: ‘O great God, forgive us our blindness, for we always have sinned against You in a hellish way. We alone are guilty for our long-lasting blindness. Now give us Your light, so that we may find You, o most holy One.’ Then the Lord will forgive you your sins and grant you mercy instead of justice. Did you well understand me?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-104 Chapter