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Chapter 106 - The guidance of the Indian people.

106,1. Raphael said: “The fact that the opinion that you are bringing forward here does not sound so foolish is because you acquired so many useless arts and sciences, but on your history books lies a hand thick of dust and because you consider this dust as holy you are not reading your history, and so you do not know all the things which happened before you.

106,2. But I tell you that God, the true One, has already for more than a 1,000 years revealed Himself continuously to your elders and patriarchs. This went well for a certain time, but when after some time the elders and patriarchs became rich and received too much respect they began to introduce besides the laws of God their own laws as revelations from God, and the people believed in it and kept them.

106,3. But all too soon their worldly laws were pushing the divine laws aside, and in such a way that all admonishments to the too imperious and greedy priests and patriarchs to return to the true God were without success. Then God awakened seers and prophets among the people to admonish all highly placed and mighty ones who, because of their worldly lusts, were turning their back to God completely and burdened the poor people with their worldly laws.

106,4. But the great and mighty ones grabbed the prophets, scourged them at first and threatened them to punish them more severely if ever they would dare again to appear before other people and to preach as if they were awakened and called by God as seers and prophets.

106,5. The seers and prophets performed signs and predicted what would happen to the great and mighty ones if they would stay in their godlessness. But also this did not help. The seers and prophets were caught, tortured and killed. Some of them escaped and the Spirit of God brought them to a place where nobody could find them. Out of them originated the first Pirmandians, although simple men of nature also populated their inaccessible valleys before.

106,6. And look, this happened already long before your time, and so, since you have left God completely, God has also left you. And this is the reason of your long lasting night of judgment and the death of your souls.

106,7. You have found now the light of life for yourselves, but in your country and kingdom it will still not shine for a long time. Because when you will apply it only to yourselves, you will not benefit much from it. However, if you also want to bring it to the people, you will get in conflict with the people and its rulers. They will not listen to you, and if you insist, you will be persecuted just like you have persecuted all your seers and prophets.”

106,8. The magician said: “We realize the truth of what you said, but we three and our followers are the least to blame for the deterioration of our religion, because already since long ago we saw the evil and therefore have traveled the world to search and to find the truth which we have found here in the most marvelous way.

106,9. If our country is really in such a bad state – of which we are now no more doubting in the least – I wonder what we can do there. Must we keep that which we have found here only for ourselves or must we, on a right time and on the right place, tell something about it to our friends and companions in distress? Because if we know the truth, and certainly want to live and act strictly accordingly, and must continue with the evil nonsense at home, then we will be even worse deceivers of the people then ever before when we did not know the truth.

106,10. In former times we thought to render a service to the people when we deceived and lied to them as much as possible. But now the situation is quite different. Now we know and possess the real and full true light of life and must still remain the same old liars and deceivers for the people. Can we continue in secret only for ourselves on the light way of life? No, no, friend, this certainly cannot be anymore. We will rather go with our treasures, women, children and servants to the far western end of the world and live there undisturbed in accordance with the recognized truth. Mighty and wise friend, what do you think about that? Please, divine, mighty, wise young man, give us a good advice.”

106,11. Raphael said: “Yes, dear friends – for that is what you are now also for me – now even for us a real good advice becomes quite expensive. In your country and kingdom there are still many who would like to have now what you have already partly found here, but if they will receive it from you, they also will not be able to continue to live in the Indian countries and kingdoms. Because there prevails the perfect Hell, and in Hell, Heaven can hardly be attained in man. For when man wants to convert himself to the truth, thousands of obstacles are lying in wait everywhere, which are opposing as enemies against him and are also pursuing him from all sides.

106,12. Thus, you can return to your India and with all caution you can try with friends whom you consider capable of bearing the truth. Do not leave the one who accepts it, any longer in the land of the night and the judgment of Hell, otherwise he will be devoured by it immediately. But if you, for the sake of your own life perfection do not want to return to your country, then tomorrow and the day after tomorrow you easily will find a few possibilities to go into exile, where you can go to in order to establish yourselves there. This is now my advice. One or the other, you can do what you think is best.”

106,13. The magician said: “This choice will not be difficult for us. If our friends will take the true light of life as serious as we did, and if they also suspect that this light can be found somewhere in the far west, they surely will look for it. If however, they do not consider this light as important as we do, then let them stay in their night and death. But one thing we will surely do for their salvation. We have many servants with us. We can send a few of those back home. We give them secret letters in a language that besides the priests no one else knows. If our friends will take it seriously, then they must follow us and also come to the light. However, if they do not take it seriously, then they must stay in their night. Do I look upon it correctly or not?”

106,14. Raphael said: “Yes, this time you are correct. But at home you still have many earthly treasures. What has to be done with them?”

106,15. The magician said: “Divine friend. The most important treasures we have here with us. The greatest treasure we have found here, which is more valuable to us than all countries, kingdoms and treasures of the world. But that which is still at home, the servants, who will eventually be sent back by us to India, must take and divide it among themselves, just as we will determine, so that there will not be any fight and quarrel among them. After that, they can follow us again. Here they will hear where we have gone. And I believe that everything is quite all right like that.”

106,16. Raphael said: “Absolutely, this is very good. Do this, then you will be blessed. But think about what you have heard from me now and prepare yourselves in your heart for greater things. Me and this friend of mine will go now and take care of a good evening meal.”

106,17. On this, Raphael and Lazarus went home and arranged everything, for it already became quite dark.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-106 Chapter