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Chapter 109 - Everything needs its own time. The Lord and the physical order.

109,1. These words brought everybody in a good mood again, and secretly Peter said to Me: “Lord, just look how these men are longing for You. Why do You still not make Yourself known to them?”

109,2. I said: “I just know why, and you do not have to worry about that. You all are still very much like inexperienced children, who, long before the fruit of a tree is properly ripe, already desire to eat it. Do you still not know that on this Earth everything has and must have its own time? I am feeling a great longing to make Myself known to the three men, but the love in Me and the eternal wisdom from that are saying: ‘not before the right time’. Because one moment too soon can spoil a lot, which later can only be rectified after a long trial of the free will. It is already sufficient that the weakness of created men is sinning oftentimes. What would happen if also the eternal Master of the creating, unchangeable order opposes Himself by going out of His order?

109,3. Believe Me that I certainly feel and observe more than you and all who are present here, but I also know My eternal order, against which in a certain way every man and every angel can sin, but I never in all eternity. Because the consequence for forsaking My eternal order is the immediate end of all created beings. For if the foundation of a temple or house falls away because it is moldered and rotten, what will then become of the temple and the whole house?

109,4. I commend your faith in you and also your heart, but with your pain I have nothing to do before the right moment. Think and feel with Me, then your way will be easy.”

109,5. When Peter heard that from Me, he did not say a word anymore and kept these words deep in his heart.

109,6. The magician noticed however what I had said to Peter and at once he spoke with Raphael and said: “Lovely friend of wonders. I have discovered now a Man with a very respectable stature, who spoke very special and meaningful words to an old man. That must be a very wise Man. Would you not want to tell me who He is? For I must honestly say that a kind of secret and unexplainable something is drawing me and my two companions strongly towards Him. I would like to be better acquainted with that Man for no matter what price in the world. If you can do this for me, I gladly would give you a great offering.”

109,7. Raphael said: “My friend, be patient, because everything cannot go as quickly as with your big diamond, which I have brought here from the interior country of India. For when the free will of man is at stake, not any almighty force must go against it. So just wait. We will go now outside at once, then you still will have enough opportunity to get acquainted with the Man who is attracting you so much. But now you must patiently wait for things to come.”

109,8. The magician submitted to that and we went again outside and occupied our respective places on the summit again. Room was made for the magicians.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-109 Chapter