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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-112 Chapter

Chapter 112 - The diversity of all created things.

112,1. Raphael said: “You know, my friend, about this subject we cannot so easily discuss with each other, because concerning this, you are by far not mature enough and you are still filled with your old Indian worldly wisdom. I first would have to show you the whole inner organic organization of life and the whole organism of the world and will have to reveal the complete purpose of it. And this will not go as fast as you are imagining with your Indian fantasy, because more is needed than the knowledge, which you have acquired in India. But I can give you some indications by which you can already have a certain idea of it. Take the following attentively to heart:

112,2. Listen. You are a man. Your body consists of almost countless many organs, of which you do not know anything about it. Without this organic arrangement of your body, the life of your soul within would absolutely not be imaginable. And still, the most important organs of your body are not exactly placed in an orderly manner in your body. Look at your veins. How irregular they seem to run through your body. And still, the most efficient order is prevailing in it. Just look at the placement of your hairs. They are placed disorderly among one another on your head, as well as on your whole body, and still, every hair is counted by God and placed on the right spot. And with other people they are once again placed in a different way than with you, and are also placed on the right spot, for it has pleased the Lord in His wisdom to give every man another shape and also another disposition, so that they can more easily recognize each other and then love one another as fellowmen.

112,3. In this way, the Lord has given a different appearance even among the domestic animals, so that people can recognize their domestic animals more easily, while the wild animals from the forest are as much as possible looking alike, because it is important that no one should recognize them. Also, look at the domestic birds and the wild birds in the air. Also with them you will encounter the same situation.

112,4. Let us suppose that on the Earth all regions look alike as two drops of water, and every home would also look just like the other, not being bigger or smaller, then I would like to know from you how, when you are far away, would be able to find your homeland again somewhere.

112,5. Just look at the fruit trees that are belonging to one house, and also to those of another house, then you will discover a great diversity in their shape, despite that it is one and the same kind. And this was also allowed by God, so that every owner would recognize his trees as old good friends can recognize each other from afar.

112,6. I will however, give you another example before we will move to the main point. So listen. Look, how would it be when for instance all girls, old or young, would have precisely the same face and would have exactly the same height, and would look exactly the same, and be dressed in the same manner, just like this is the case with the birds in the sky and the wild animals in the field and the forest? Would you then be able to distinguish your daughters from your wife, or from the daughters of your neighbor, or from your mother, or from your sisters? If your father would look exactly like you and your sons, how would you as a reasoning man like this? Exactly the same environments with exactly the same human figures and forms. In short, everything, young and old would be completely alike, completely one and the same. How would you like that?”

112,7. The magician said: “O friend, this would mean death for us while we are still living. Ah, you can stop with such absurd examples. Ah, then also human thinking would completely cease with man, because that is without comparisons actually impossible. Well, I already can see what you want to say. But just continue, because every word from your mouth is worth a 1,000 times 1,000 pound of pure gold.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-112 Chapter