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Chapter 117 - Nature and the seat of the truth. The search of the 3 magicians for the truth.

117,1. I said: “You are standing on the threshold of the temple where the truth is residing. For, if there is a truth, then it must reveal itself in life, not in death, because the truth has no meaning for death. The right and true man is a real temple of truth. Its seat is in his heart.

117,2. If man will search for the truth, he must search it within himself and not outside of himself, for truth is life, and life is love. He who has sincere love for God and his fellowman has also life, and this life is the truth and this lives within man.

117,3. That is why I said just now that you are standing on the threshold of the temple of truth, and thus man is in himself the truth, the way to it, and life. Do you understand that?”

117,4. The magician said: “Yes, yes, wise Man, You must be completely right. However, only in relation to Your own person. With us, this is by far not the case. We know from the mouth of the young man and now also from Yours, what we have to do to find God, and with God the whole truth. We already have the grains of wheat and we will put them in the soil of our heart. However, how this will grow and what kind of fruits it will bear, we only will see later, because you cannot reap before you have sown.

117,5. That is why there is no life in us, no real love, and thus also no truth. Our consolation now is the thought that you as men have found God and thus the full truth, what the deeds of the young man have clearly shown us, and his words not the least. So we also can reach for that with the necessary zeal, but now we still did not reach it yet. If perhaps You can show us a shorter way to the goal, we will be eternally grateful to You.”

117,6. I said: “You have read the Scripture of the Jews in Babylon and have admired the wisdom of Moses. You know the law of the Jews and you say: ‘Yes, that is the real law. He who will keep it, will be blessed.’ Then do keep it, then you will be blessed.”

117,7. The magician said: “Friend, have You seen us and were You acquainted with us in the old Babylon, which once must have been the greatest city in the world? We cannot remember anything of that.”

117,8. I said: “Just like My servant knew where you hid your big diamond at home, so much more I know as his Lord what you have done 10 years ago about this time in Babylon, without the necessity for Me ever to come into that destroyed city.

117,9. I say to you that for a human being whose spirit has pervaded his soul, it is not necessary to be present everywhere in order to know what has happened somewhere. In addition, if he has become one with the Spirit of God, then in and through this Holy Spirit he is present everywhere and sees and hears everything and knows therefore also everything. My servant told you that also but I am telling you once more in order that it will remain in you, so that you will pay attention to it and act upon it.

117,10. You know what you should do, and so I do not have to tell you anything further. If you still have any question, then just say it.”

117,11. The magician said: “We are now convinced about the fact that You are an extremely wise Man, because such an all-knowing and all-seeing quality we have only encountered once in Upper-India with a Burmese, who however, did not want to tell how someone can receive such a quality. We asked him very emphatically but he answered us: ‘You are not mature for that and you know nothing of an inner life in man. However, travel in the direction where the Orion is setting and the other stars, which are continuously accompanying it in the same eternal order. There you will know yourselves better.’ But that was all what we were able to come to know from this wise man.

117,12. Then we soon traveled to the west, which was not without trouble and danger, and after a long search we have found all of you, who described much more clearly to us the way to receive the inner wisdom. If we continue our trip to the west we might, through our efforts, find and also reach the wisdom within man in ourselves completely.

117,13. For we have noticed during our trip along the way of the stars, that, the more we went to the west, the more we met wiser, wonderfully mightier and so also better people, and their text-books had a still deeper, although hidden, wisdom. This we have also noticed 10 years ago in Babylon from the books that were shown to us by a man of Your tribe.

117,14. Although they were written in the old Hebrew language, which is not so known to us as the one that You are speaking, but it was quite similar to our old language. Thus we understood it and could also read the written signs, because they were very much the same as ours.

117,15. We also found a prophecy in it, that God’s Spirit promised you a Messiah (Mediator) between God and you, Jews. We asked the man very emphatically about it, but he could not tell us much about it, because he said that the time and the hour were very obscurely and vaguely indicated, and that it was also written that with God a 1,000 years are hardly as 1 day. Thus, the Jews will still have to wait long for their promised Mediator. He himself believed that the prophet in its metaphorical language means something much different than the real coming of a future Mediator who would look like God.

117,16. Since we now came to talk about this subject, and that on the other hand in a few hours we became sufficiently convinced that we truly are standing here before people who possess a true incomprehensible deep wisdom – and You very much in particular – I gladly would like to ask Your opinion about Your promised Mediator. What about it? How must the scripture and the prophecy of the old seer be explained?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-117 Chapter