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Chapter 130 - Departure for Emmaus.

130,1. Now also our Lazarus was coming out of the house together with Raphael. He came straight to us and wanted to say something, but Raphael gave him a sign and said that I still wanted to have some rest. Then Lazarus restrained himself and waited until it was suitable to Me. However, My rest lasted only a few moments more. I Myself called Lazarus to Me and asked him if he first could take care of a good and completely clean morning meal. This he did immediately and put all his men to work. Of course, it still lasted a few hours before the morning meal was ready.

130,2. On this occasion, Raphael was a great help to him – but this time in a much more natural way than usual – and therefore Lazarus was moving on faster than usual when he prepared such a great meal in a natural way.

130,3. This time it could not be done in a supernatural way because of the magicians who watched everything very carefully because they thought that I might intervene from the background.

130,4. When the morning meal was well prepared and put on the tables, the innkeeper of Lazarus came to give him a sign indicating that the morning meal had already been served.

130,5. Then Lazarus gave Me a sign, but I said to him: “Brother, this I also would have known without your sign but because of the foreigners your sign was good anyway. Let us stand up and go inside so that we can partake of the morning meal.”

130,6. After I had said this, I then stood up, together with the three mentioned disciples and went into the big dining-hall, and all those who were present followed My example at the invitation of Lazarus.

130,7. Some of My disciples were wondering what I had in mind today, because everything happened somewhat in a hurry. However, on these unnecessary questions they did not receive an answer from Me. In short, I sat at the table, ate and drunk and gave nobody an answer on any of their questions.

130,8. When I was soon ready with the meal, Agricola was then asking Me: “But Lord and Master, I do not understand You at all today. At other times You are always so calm and patient but today everything goes so hastily that You hardly took the time to quietly partake of Your meal as I am used to see from You. What are You up to today?”

130,9. I said: “You know, I have already told you yesterday that today I want to be with Nicodemus in Emmaus and I also have to be there, because of reasons only known to Me. However, the road thereto is for our great company somewhat troublesome. It will be wise to go on different ways, in groups of 10 persons at the most. If we all go together in one great caravan then soon the temple servants will betray us and then I would be hindered to do today what I have to do. Therefore, I will go ahead with My disciples – but only with those three – and this on a very unusual way, so that the temple servants will certainly not see us. Divide yourselves into groups just like I have told you and go to that place on different ways. After 2 hours we will all be in the house of Nicodemus.

130,10. I repeat once more for all of you and say: be clever as serpents, but still in your heart be gentle as doves, because down there dwells a true brood of serpents and vipers, and that has to be restrained with the same means. Understand and perceive this very well all of you and pay attention to it, then today you will experience a day full of blessings that will be a great blessing for your souls. Now I will leave immediately. Peter, James and John will come with Me. My servant Raphael and Lazarus will accompany our slave children. If you three Indians also want to come with Me then you can also leave now.”

130,11. When the three men heard this, they stood up from their seats very cheerfully and went directly with Me on the way.

130,12. When Agricola saw this, he asked Me if there was any objection if also he could go together with Me to Emmaus. The other Romans however would go alone on another way.

130,13. I said: “As you wish, but then our number is really big enough.”

130,14. This made Agricola very happy.

130,15. Now we left immediately, went down the Mount of Olives and soon we came on the big road that leads toward Emmaus, and there, because it was Friday, it was very quiet.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-130 Chapter