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Chapter 134 - The Lord together with the poor family.

134,1. After that, I turned to the sick and said to them: “How did you come into such a miserable state? Tell Me, for the sake of those who came with Me.”

134,2. The man, who was completely crippled because of gout, said: “Lord, we have always been poor people and we earned our bread with the work of our hands, and it went quite well with us. But 3 years ago we caught this gout. Me first, then later also my wife, because she had to work too hard. Until the feast of Easter of this year we had a place to live in the city, but our benefactor died, and another lord came into the house who did not want to keep us any longer as useless people in the house. We tried to beg other people to give us a place to stay, but nobody wanted us because of our sickness and the children. There was no other way except to stay in this spacious hut that was given to us, so that we did not have to stay completely outside, having no protection from the rain and other bad weather. The fact that in this hut it did not go better with us, but worse from day to day, you can see from our appearance. The fact that we almost have no clothing at all is because we had to sell the little that we still had, in order to buy some bread. But now, we have nothing anymore and we will starve when there will be no help. Let all this be sacrificed to the all-wise and almighty God. He will know why He has allowed this misery to come over us.

134,3. According to the description, Job had to endure a lot, but we certainly even more. Because we had to suffer even from the time when we were still a child, and we knew only few happy days. And now that we are older and that it is naturally more difficult, we came to the highest point of all the misery of the Earth. If you, dear lords, can help us in anything, do show us mercy and help us. The Lord in Heaven will surely reward you for it.”

134,4. I said: “That is the reason why we came here, to give you the help that you were longing for so much. But know also: those whom God loves and has appointed for great things in the Kingdom of the spirits, He gives them more and heavier trials than another person who He has appointed for only small things.

134,5. But the time of your earthly trials are now completed, and now also on this Earth you will be happy. And your 7 children, who now are still pure as angels, educate them well, so that later as men they would not become defiled. Hereby I also say to you: get up and walk”.

134,6. Immediately both parents stood up as completely healthy people and they also had a good natural look.

134,7. They were extremely astonished, and the man said: “O wonderful Man! What did You do with us? Because never before we were so healthy and strong as now! Oh, who and what are You really, that You can do such things? You are either a great prophet send by God, or You are an embodiment of an angel, because until now this has not been heard in Israel. What kind of medicine did so many people use who are suffering from gout and it did not even help them, and You simply say to us: ‘get up and walk’, and we are healed immediately. Oh, all of you, praise the God of Israel, because He has given such a pure divine power to a Man.”

134,8. The 7 children were also crying from happiness when they saw in front of them their parents who were now so completely healthy as never before. And the oldest boy said: “Oh look, dear parents, for I have heard it and have also told you so often: when the need is at its highest point, then also God’s help is near for those who were seeking His help. And exactly today our earthy need reached its highest point, and God’s help has also come. All thanks, praise and honor to Him, the loving, good, holy Father in Heaven. By this happiness, seeing our dear parents now again so healthy and strong, our hunger that was so great has now disappeared. Oh, if only we would now have the most necessary clothes, then we could again earn a good piece of bread.”

134,9. I said to the boy: “Behind that deep hanging rock that looks like a cave and that until now was used as your home, you will find 3 packages. Bring them here inside, then you will be able to clothe yourselves very well.”

134,10. When the boy heard that, he hurried outside, together with his little brothers and little sisters, and they brought 3 packages inside the hut. The parents quickly opened them up and they found clothes in it for themselves and for their children. After that, words of thanks and praise and tears of joy were not ceasing. So, there was continuous amazement.

134,11. However, these people did also not eat anything for almost 2 days, and so they were hungry.

134,12. And I said again to the children: “Children, go now once more to the place where you just found the packages with the clothing. There you will also find bread and wine. Bring everything here and strengthen and fill yourselves with it.”

134,13. Then the children were running again outside and found in a basket several loaves of the best bread and several stone bottles with wine of the best kind. They brought their discovery also directly to the hut to fill and to strengthen them with it. The parents said, under many tears of joy and gratefulness, that they never tasted such good bread and never drunk such good wine, that this bread and wine surely must have come from the Heaven of God, brought by the angels. Because such good, pure heavenly food could not grow nor flourish on Earth, because people are too wicked and ungodly.

134,14. But I said to them: “My dear children, eat and drink without worries and be of good cheer, because God has tested you heavily, and without grumbling and total dedication to God’s will you have suffered everything that has come over you. However, also now, when your need was at its highest point, God did help you quickly in a wonderful way, and this help will stay with you, not only during this time of your earthly existence, but also after the grave forever. Why you were so heavily tested by God on this Earth will be clear to you once you will be in the other life.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-134 Chapter