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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-142 Chapter

Chapter 142 - The form and spirit of the created beings.

142,1. The well-prepared food was set on the tables. All sat down in good order at the tables and ate and drank. The 7 men from Upper-Egypt sat according to My wish at My table and ate also with us. Here again we received fish, and even one of the noblest kinds coming from the river Jordan. They were extremely good, were tastefully prepared and were very delicious to all guests. The 7 Egyptians could not praise enough the manner of how the fish was prepared, and they ate the fish with real pleasure, although they had already taken bread and wine before.

142,2. After a while, when we were eating and drinking, also Lazarus with Raphael came to sit at My table and both of them were heartily eating and drinking with us, because they took care of the young people, and only after that they came to us.

142,3. The first Upper-Egyptian took a great pleasure in Raphael. He observed him from head to foot and said then to Me: “Lord and Master from eternity. When this servant of Yours was still living here in a bodily form on Earth 4,000 earthly years ago, his appearance was not so incomprehensibly beautiful as now in his pure spiritual state. If ever I also will become worthy to come into Your Kingdom, will I then also receive a more noble appearance? I must admit that my appearance compared by that of this servant is inexpressibly ugly. For our climate it is very useful but it is not beautiful and noble. I know also that in this world the outer form is not important, but only the perfection of the soul. However, in Your Kingdom also the appearance and outer form must be very important. If this were not so, the pure spirits would not be shown in such noble and beautiful forms. In this world the color of the skin and the outer appearance of a human being are for his inner value of no importance, but in Your Kingdom of Heaven that will be very important. This also I would like to know now. I have somehow an idea of it but in this respect I still do not have any clearness.

142,4. I surely can always see in my soul the whole Earth, its creatures and conditions. I know the useless acts and striving of men. I can see everything as far as the center of the Earth. The myriads of spirits in all the elements are not unknown to me, as well as the inflow of Your eternal Spirit in all beings. But the reason for all those different kinds of forms in Your material and most of all in Your purely spiritual sphere of creation I was not able to discover until now. If You, o Lord and Master, would like to tell us something about this, that would give great peace to our souls.”

142,5. I said: “My dear friends, the searching and discovering of the truth did cost you a lot of effort and work, but fighting courageously, you have – despite all the difficulties against which you had to fight – fortunately reached for the greatest part the goal that you have searched, and that is in fact the most important in life.

142,6. Concerning the other things – especially those that you have asked for just now – the salvation of the soul does not depend on it, and that will be clarified to the soul when he is completely reborn in his spirit out of Me, and become one with it. But nevertheless, I will say something about it. The rest will come clear to you by itself.

142,7. Look, already since ancient times men have made certain instruments that are able to produce sounds, just like by us the harp, the flute (Schalmei), the trumpet and the cymbal, by the Greeks the lyre, the pipe and the eolus harp. If these, and still other of those sound instruments are well and purely tuned and are used, they also give a pure melody, and besides that a well sounding harmony. However, when these instruments are out of tune, that means when the tunes are not well proportioned in relation to each other, then it cannot produce a melody and even less a pure harmony.

142,8. Now imagine the human soul. If he is in a good and true proportion to his body, then he also will be in the right harmony of life, and this harmony gives to the soul his beauty, which of course will be only completely visible in My Kingdom when the soul will be outside of the body. However, when someone already in the body in this world pays attention at good and also at bad people, he will soon feel that a good person will show a pleasant and friendly appearance, while a bad person will show already from afar to the one who meets him, something repulsive, unfriendly and so also something ugly, that he cannot easily hide. The reason for this lies in the inner harmony of the soul or, with evil people, disharmony.

142,9. Such differences you can also find in the animal kingdom and even in the vegetable kingdom. Of course all these differences of appearance and form will only come to light into its clearest form in the spirit world, while in the physical world it is only vaguely present. When you have the opportunity and want to examine this well, then you will easily find all the rest by itself. You are wise and are very much familiar with the powers of the world of nature and its elements anyway, and also in this sphere of the inner intelligence of the soul you can easily find the reasons and consequences if you want to occupy yourselves with this. However, this and endlessly many other things will only become clear to every man when the Spirit out of Me in his soul will be fully reborn.

142,10. And therefore we shall not say a word about this anymore. But now we will still eat and drink and finish our meal, and after the meal it will be clear what we shall do further.”

142,11. After My teaching, the 7 were well pleased, and the leader said: “O Lord and Master, we do thank You for Your words. They satisfy us fully and now we know very well how it is with ourselves also in this sphere, and how we must examine and investigate this case.”

142,12. After this, we continued to eat and drink the rest of our meal. We stood up from the table and I blessed all those who were present here.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-142 Chapter