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Chapter 15 - An explanation of the materializations.

15,1. (Raphael:) “In the actual sense I can do out of myself as little as you can; but I am a pure spirit and have a body here on earth consisting of elements drawn from the air. As a spirit I can be completely filled with the spirit of the Lord and as such can act as the Lord Himself. When filled with the spirit of the Lord, I have no other will than that of the Lord and it is impossible for me to will anything else, except the will of the Lord. But what the Lord wants, is already a reality.

15,2. See, everything, that grows on this or for that matter on another earth, is - the earth included - just as much a miracle arising out of the will of the Lord, with the only difference that the Lord, because of the development of the intelligence, observes with creatures a certain necessary sequence and purely out of His will, in time He allows the one to arise out of the other one. If the Lord would not do that for the sake of the development and solidification of intelligent and enlivened creatures, He could, based on His almightiness, produce a world in one moment, the same way He calls a lightening strike into being and action.

15,3. See, in the air of the earth all substances and all elements of the whole earth are contained. You cannot see them with your physical senses, but for a perfected spirit it is as easy, as it is easy for you to lift a stone from the ground and to distinguish that it is not a fish and also not a piece of bread. For the spirit it is also easy, for example to put together the required elements, out of the air, for one or the other object, and to produce it within one moment as that, what it would have become over time through the orderly process of nature.

15,4. How it is possible for a perfected spirit to do this, is of course the very issue, which for the natural person is impossible to comprehend, before he is not completely reborn in the spirit. And therefore I cannot explain this to you any further. But I want to give you in short a small hint regarding a few appearances in nature.

15,5. See, in all seeds of plants and trees reside in a small and tender shell a distinctive intelligence in the form of a minutest spark which is not visible to your eye! This minutest spark is the actual first natural life of the seed and afterwards of the whole plant. Now think of the close to countless number of various plants and trees, each carrying of course different seeds, and each carrying in their germ shells just as many different spiritual intelligence sparks.

15,6. If you place the different seeds into the earth, through heat and through the moisture which has been absorbed by the soil out of the air, they will become soft, the spiritual spark becomes active and recognises those specific elements in the surrounding air, and starts to attract them by means of its own willpower, and builds out of them the particular plant with form and fruit, for which it has received from the Lord the suitable intelligence and the corresponding willpower.

15,7. Would you be able to use your mind, your senses and your will to select the certain elements for a particular seed kernel from the air which surrounds the seed kernel? Certainly not; since you also eat and drink to feed yourself, but you have no idea how your up to now still completely unknown spirit to you, as the secret love-will of God residing in the heart of your soul, through his to you still totally unknown will and through his high intelligence, separates those elements from the eaten food which are absolutely essential to develop the many different body parts and guides the elements wherever they are required.

15,8. If you deeply contemplate what I have told you, then you will see everywhere the same miracles, as I have performed before your eyes according to the will of the Lord in one moment, - with the only difference that I, as a perfected spirit through the will of the Lord, am capable of attracting in one moment out of the air, what a natural, but still very imperfect spirit with his limited intelligence and equally limited willpower can do only over time.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-15 Chapter