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Chapter 150 - The inner nature of man.

150,1. Raphael said: “Alright then, then I also will do it that way. Since you have accepted that I am the builder of that column in the field along the way to Jerusalem, I also tell you that this is so. If these are the facts, it also has been proven by this that the inner spirit in man is also – and also must be – lord over all the powers of nature, which are ruling in all the elements. Because without the Spirit – which is out of God and which works everywhere – they would not exist at all. And if this is undeniably so, everything must be possible for him, according to the eternal standards of divine order.

150,2. However, before someone attains or can attain to this power, he must, by a most precise following of God’s will that is revealed to him by Moses and the prophets, make it so very much his own that he can act freely out of himself in no other way than as the will of God is showing in his heart, which is certainly not difficult for someone who has recognized God and loves Him above all, because the love for God constantly supplies him with intensified strength in the same measure as the love for God grows in his heart, and in this love, also the love for fellowman.

150,3. If man has been united with God in this way, he is already filled with the Spirit of God. Because, love for God and the fulfillment of His holy will is already this fully active Spirit of God in man, because his new will is no longer the weak and helpless will of the human flesh, but the almighty, pure will of God.

150,4. Whoever has such a will completely within himself, to him everything he wants must obviously be possible. Because what he then wills, God also wills in him. And certainly, for God all things are possible.

150,5. Therefore, you must not be so surprised that the old prophets often did great signs. For, as mere men, out of themselves, they did just as few true signs as you have ever done. But because they were often filled with the Spirit of God by their pure walk in life already since their young years, this almighty Spirit performed the great marvelous signs. And this Spirit also filled their hearts with the light of all wisdom out of God, and what they then spoke to the people through this wisdom, was not the word of men anymore, but the word of God.

150,6. However, because I, just like some of these people here present, am also filled with the Spirit and the will of God, everything must happen what the will of God wills in me, and nothing can resist me. If I would like to destroy this whole Earth and would like to devastate it completely, then, if I seriously would want it, it would succeed as certainly as I will now succeed to destroy immediately that sticking-out big rock at the somewhat distant mountain range over there.

150,7. Look, there between midnight and morning is the mentioned sticking-out rock, of which the destruction will not hurt anyone, since it has caused the owners of that mountain and its forests more harm than advantage anyhow. I will it. And look, the rock does not exist anymore. Its entire mass is already at about a 1,000 days of traveling away from here in the deep of a great sea.”

150,8. Being amazed, the Pharisees said: “But we did not see it lift up and fly through the air.”

150,9. Raphael said: “Neither did you see the tree growing slowly out of the ground. Whatever the Spirit of God wills, happens just like He wills it. Because time and space do not count for Him. If however, He wills that everything takes place one after the other in time, just like you can see in the nature of things of this Earth, then it will also happen just like He wills it. Because time and space are also things that are always and eternally proceeding out of His will and out of His order.

150,10. The cedar grows many hundreds of years according to His will, until it reaches its greatest height and strength. A clover plant is fully-grown in a few days. However, if you see the lightning shooting out from a cloud, then it needs very little time to reach the Earth. And so you see that for the Spirit of God all things are possible. Do you slightly understand now?”

150,11. The still very amazed Pharisees said: “Yes, yes, we understand it now, as far as it is possible for men with our old blindness, but the immense speed of execution of the divine will in man, like in yourself, we hardly will ever be able to understand. About being here and there at the same time, no human intelligence can ever understand that, no matter the degree of its enlightenment.”

150,12. Raphael said: “Then why not? Can you for example not transfer yourselves instantly in your thoughts into your homes?”

150,13. One Pharisee said: “Oh, yes, that can be done, but of course without the least of effect!”

150,14. Raphael said: “That for sure, because you are not one with the all-filling, all-penetrating and all-working Spirit out of God. This spirit is resting indeed in the innermost center of your soul, but it is still totally isolated from the universal Spirit, because of your too little love for God it also receives a much too little nourishment. For this reason, the spirit cannot expand itself in the soul and penetrate him and thus expand itself throughout your whole being. This does not mean spatially, but in the sphere of the will, which is just as present in it as in God Himself, by whom it has been laid in the heart of the soul as an indestructible life-spark.

150,15. To expand in the sphere of the will means however, that the soul submits his own will completely to the recognized will of God and voluntarily allows to be ruled by it.

150,16. If this is the case, that the soul – as if from outside – allows himself to be penetrated in his innermost by the recognized and precisely followed will of God, then he awakens the Spirit out of God that is resting and slumbering in the innermost of the soul. It unites itself immediately with his equal will-spirit that has penetrated the whole soul and which is actually the Spirit of God. And then he is completely one with it, just as God is and remains one with it, although on an infinitely higher level, as one eye is one with the other, although with man also one eye sees sharper and easier than the other.

150,17. Once man has accomplished this, his thought, with which he has transferred himself even to the most distant region, is no longer an empty thought without effect. But spiritually it transfers to that place the whole being of such a perfected man who is able to perform everything. He sees, hears and perceives everything, because with the endless will-spirit it penetrates and controls everything, without losing even for a moment its individual independence. Since it penetrates and controls everything, it can also, like a thought, filled with the true Spirit of God, perform everything in one moment whatever the perfect man wills.

150,18. But as long as man has not attained this most blessed and only true condition of life, he can only materialize his thoughts and ideas imperfectly in one way or another through the members of his body, and this only according to the laws of nature that is under judgment. However, the thought in itself is nothing else but your image in a mirror – without existence, without power and without any might. But it tells you anyway that, with it, you can instantly be in the most distant place, although – according to the previous explanation – without any effect.

150,19. Now you surely will understand how it was possible for me to remove the rock from that rather distant mountain and to let it sink into the depth of a very distant sea.

150,20. However, I have not done this sign to make you afraid of us or to compel you to accept a new teaching, which is actually the oldest on Earth. But I only have done these signs to show you the right way to receive the true and perfect life-power out of God. Without it, one is to be considered as almost completely dead in his soul, until he has not completely become one with the will of God, according to the way I have shown you.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-150 Chapter