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Chapter 162 - Abraham appears to the temple servants.

162,1. Peter brought My instruction to the temple servants who came quickly to Me and said: “Lord, You already have given the greatest proofs to us, so that we do not have the slightest doubt anymore about what and who You are, and therefore we do not desire anymore a sign from You, but if ever You want to perform one, then we certainly will be grateful to You from the deepest of our heart.”

162,2. I said: “You surely can see now more or less that I am the promised Messiah and that after Me there will be no other, but you still do not see that the Messiah is nobody else than the same Jehovah who on the mountain Sinai gave the laws to Moses, and for this reason He justly could say on the last feast day in the temple about Himself: ‘Before Abraham was, I am’, for which you wanted to stone Me. In order that you may perceive this, experience and later also firmly believe it, I will perform for you a special sign. So, be very attentive to what will happen now.

162,3. Since I am also the Lord of the spirit world, I want now that My Abraham will appear, and to you he will testify of Me. When he will be here then you also can speak to him.”

162,4. Hereupon, a light cloud came down on the hill, and out of the cloud stepped Abraham, bowed deeply before Me and said: “How much and how long have I been looking forward to the day of Your appearance and my joy surpasses now all limits because I have seen Your day on Earth. But no matter how much I am joyful over You, o Lord Jehovah Zebaoth, I have little reason to rejoice about my descendants. Truly, the descendants of Hagar are in their actions much better than the descendants of Sarah.

162,5. O Lord, Your love for this wicked generation and Your patience with it surpasses all limits of Your infinite creations.

162,6. When I formerly asked You to still spare the 10 cities with Sodom and Gomorrah because of the few righteous ones, Your answer sounded bitter. You were willing to spare them if there could be found only 10, and finally only 2 or 3 completely righteous persons. Since also those were not there, except Lot, You did not spare the 10 cities, saved only Lot, and everything else was destroyed by fire.

162,7. When I now look at these descendants of mine, then even with the threefold number of the former citizens of the 10 cities, there is hardly one righteous, and You, o Lord, are sparing even this generation of harlots and adulterers. For Your limitless love and great patience those miserable people are persecuting You, and are even animated by the evil imaginary thought to kill You.

162,8. O Lord, give up Your too great patience. O Lord, I waited a long time for Isaac. Only Your power begot him in the body of Sarah. When he already became a fine boy, You desired – in order to test my faith and obedience – that I should sacrifice him to You. I submitted to Your will, but You Yourself stopped me from completely carrying out the instructed work, provided me with a he-goat that I had to offer instead of Isaac and You gave Isaac back to me. Oh, that was really good for my heart.

162,9. But it were better if I had sacrificed Isaac instead of the goat, so that no generation would have come out of him that already at the foot of the Sinai in Your holy presence started to worship a golden calf, and now has become worse than the darkest gentiles and other children of the world who were begotten by the serpent by the great harlotry of Babel. O Lord, do stretch out Your right hand once and destroy Your enemies.”

162,10. These words were spoken by the spirit of Abraham with a very serious and emphasizing voice.

162,11. But I said to him: “You know that from now on I do not judge the people anymore by My zeal but only by themselves, for the sake of the few righteous who have not yet bent their knees before the mammon of this world. That is why we are letting the world that is dumb and blind by its own will, go now its own way and execute the judgment that it has caused itself, leading to its own destruction.

162,12. But I want to lead My true children Myself on the ways of the light and on the paths of life. What can be saved will now also be saved. However, the one who will not allow himself to be saved and does not want to be free from judgment and death that he has caused himself, will also reap whatever he desires.

162,13. If someone wants freedom and thereby eternal life, then he will also find it. However, if someone wants judgment and death, then also this will be his share. Because from now on no Jew will be able to say: ‘I also would have walked the ways of the light if only I would have known something about it.’ I Myself have taught and worked everywhere, and even today I will send out 70 disciples who will carry out and preach My teaching to all the ends of the entire old Jewish kingdom, to gentiles and Jews, and within a year My oldest and first disciples will carry out this gospel in My name into the whole world. Salvation to everyone who will accept it and will direct his life conforming to it.”

162,14. Upon this, the spirit of Abraham bowed again deep before Me, thanked Me and disappeared.

162,15. Then the two Pharisees said: “Lord, Lord and Master of eternity, this was a great sign. We think that if also the other Pharisees had seen that, they certainly would also become as believing as we are. Why do You not perform a sign for them?”

162,16. I said: “Because precisely I, know best what they would say about such a sign. You four are now really the last of the temple that could be saved. With all the others, nothing can be achieved. Despite that, I still will teach many times in the temple and also perform signs. You will be able to see for yourselves what impression that will make on the temple servants. Yes, there still will be many people who will believe in Me, but these high lords of the temple will never do that in this world.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-162 Chapter