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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-164 Chapter

Chapter 164 - A speed miracle of Raphael.

164,1. The Pharisees said: “We thank You, o Lord, for this special, pure, true lesson. This is dearer to us then the terrible signs that are filling our mind with fear. We will follow Your holy advice as far as our strength will reach. But since the day will from now on only last a few hours, we will go to the city and make arrangements even today for what our treasures and our families are concerned, so that tomorrow, still on the Sabbath, we can be with You.”

164,2. I said: “If you are completely serious in this, then you can stay here. Then it will be arranged in a much different way. I will give My young looking servant the assignment to arrange everything for you and send your families to Bethany to the house of Lazarus and all your treasures to this place here. He will perform this in a very fast and excellent way. Do you agree with this?”

164,3. The Pharisees said: “Yes Lord, if this is possible, then this will certainly suit us very well.”

164,4. I said: “With God all things are possible. And of what My servant is capable of, he already has shown you previously. But go and speak with him yourselves.”

164,5. The Pharisees said: “O Lord and Master, rather speak You with him. Then everything will be arranged much better than if we would possibly give him a clumsy and unwise advice.”

164,6. I said: “All right then, because you perceive this in your heart and want it that way, I will also do it.”

164,7. I called Raphael and gave him inwardly an assignment to execute everything.

164,8. Raphael asked the Pharisees in what time they wanted it to be done.

164,9. And the Pharisees said: “O dear servant of Jehovah, that, we will leave completely up to you. However, if it could be done for this evening, this would of course be very good for us, because tomorrow it is Sabbath, when nothing may be arranged.”

164,10. Raphael said: “What would you say if already now I have scrupulously arranged your problem?”

164,11. The Pharisees said: “How could that be? Because you were not absent for one moment. And how could our families be already now in Bethany? They need more than 1 hour to walk through the big city, and from the city, according to Roman time, the way takes well over 2 hours for people without strong legs. Such a thing can therefore be considered as strictly impossible.”

164,12. Raphael said: “Yet I knew already a few hours ago that this would happen, and I already have directed your families with the right instructions, and they are now since about half an hour ago sound and well in Bethany. Your treasures are already in the hands of those whom you yourselves have pointed out on advice of the Lord. And so, everything is arranged.

164,13. In order to partly convince yourselves of this, you can go with me to the hut and you can see the part of which Nicodemus will take care of.”

164,14. On this, the two Pharisees and the two Levites went with Raphael to the hut and found their well-known treasures in good order on a table that was present.

164,15. When they saw that, they clapped their hands together out of amazement and said: “Yes, yes, here God’s power prevails. These are things that no human being can do. But, lovely servant of the only true, almighty God, do tell us how this was possible for you?”

164,16. Raphael said: “In exactly the same way as I have already before shown you very clearly. Because my thought, united with my will – which is again completely God’s will – is the same as myself. Therefore, I can be present and work everywhere. Whoever can do that, is in his inner life perfectly equal to God.

164,17. In this way, God is also, as a personal Being, in person only one, at this moment completely present here in the person of the Lord, and further, He is nowhere else in the whole of infinity. Yet, by His will and by His crystal clear thoughts He is still present and completely active in the whole of infinity. If that were not the case, there would be no Earth, no moon, no sun and no stars and, thus also no other created beings on it and in it. Because all celestial bodies and their creatures are from the alpha to the omega His firmly and unchangeable thoughts and ideas, kept together by His will, transforming them into independent beings, in such a way, that they will become equal to Him in everything, which is of course a work of His love and His eternal wisdom. Now I have told you how things are, and we shall go away from here.”

164,18. Upon this, all five came down again, and a Pharisee went to Nicodemus and told him what can be found in the hut.

164,19. But Nicodemus answered him: “Friend, I have already heard it, and according to the advice of the Lord everything will surely happen in the best way. But let us now all be calm again, because the Lord will perform something again, which today within His order seems to be important to Him.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-164 Chapter