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Chapter 165 - The Lord sends the slave-traders back to their own country.

165,1. Wen Nicodemus had said that, it became quiet and I called the slave-trader Hibram and his companions to Me and said to them: “In these few days you have heard and seen a lot, and have experienced many things. You know now, just like My disciples, what each man must do to reach the eternal life for his soul. If you will act and live in such a way, you also will certainly reach what I have promised everybody who will act and live according to My teaching.

165,2. But also, at home you have to correct many things that you have done wrong as dark gentiles. Therefore, whenever this is possible, make up for all the injustice that you have done to your fellowmen. Then already for this, you can expect from Me a true blessing for life. Try also to pass on My teaching to other people, and see to it that in course of time it also will be put into practice. Turn away your ear and your heart from fortune-tellers, and try also to bring the people in your country to the point that they would conform to you, and be true priests to your fellowmen. Then before long you shall receive a great treasure of spiritual gifts from Me.

165,3. Tell no one about Me on the way to your homeland, because where it was necessary and where I knew that mature people were living for My teaching, I Myself have been there already with words and signs, and they do not need more now. However, when the time has come I will pour out My Spirit over them. That will guide them into all truth. In short, on your way, make under no condition any mention of Me or unnecessary sensation about Me. But at home you can well teach your people. But also there, do not talk too much about the signs, but most of all remember only My teaching. Because the salvation for the people lies not in the signs that I have performed but in My teaching, and most of all by practicing it in life.

165,4. However, if you will teach in My name, then do not be afraid, thinking too long about what you will say. If you will speak to people in My name, then My Spirit will certainly put the right words into your heart. This is also the case for all those who after you will proclaim My teaching in My name.

165,5. But do not erect any temple for Me, and do not make – like the gentiles – certain days of the year as special days, but appoint a day in the week that seems to be the most suitable to teach, and let people come into your houses to teach them. Share also your bread with the poor and do not accept special honor for it. And do not demand wages or an offering from anybody, because free of charge you have received it and also free of charge you shall distribute it to your fellowmen. You can expect the reward for all this from Me.

165,6. If ever somebody will come with great wealth and wants to give you a free offering out of gratitude, then accept it and give it to the poor. However, you will not consider the one who gave you an offering in My name as being more important than your poor brothers, so that he would not become proud and exalt himself above his poor brothers, but would only grow in love for them. Then his offering will be accepted by Me, and My grace will be his reward for this, and My blessing will reward his offering abundantly. Because, those who will give you such an offering for My laborers who I have accepted into service, will offer it to Me, and his reward will not be left behind.

165,7. When you have taught the people like this in My name I will send you an apostle, who will then in My name put his hands on those who believe and will baptize them in this way in My Love, My Wisdom and My Power. They will receive thereby the Holy Spirit out of God and will reach thereby the complete rebirth of their spirit in their soul, and thereby and with that also eternal life and the power thereof.

165,8. Now you know very briefly what you should do in the future, and certainly will do also. Therefore, receive My blessing and leave to your country even today, because tomorrow you would hardly be able to move forward because it is a Jewish Sabbath.

165,9. Travel on the broad road that leads to Galilee, then at about the third hour of the night you will reach a small place. Stay there until the morning. They will receive you very well there. From there on I will put into your heart and into your thoughts which way further you have to follow in order to arrive in your country without any trouble. And so, now you can go right away, under My blessing that will protect and guide you.”

165,10. On this, Hibram was grateful for everything, recommended himself in My grace and left us.

165,11. Then Lazarus expressed that he was surprised that these slave-traders did not say goodbye to the young people who were brought here by them.

165,12. I said: “This I did not want, and I had My wise reasons for it. The young people are enjoying themselves very well there on that northerly slope of this hill, and it would be unwise to disturb them. Then I also have sent these men out in My name, and that was good, because they will spread a light in the place where they live.

165,13. But now, let there again be brought some bread and wine here. Then I still will choose others, strengthen them and send them out into the world. Therefore, do what I desire.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-165 Chapter