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Chapter 169 - Admonishing words of the Lord to the youth of the north. About the angels. Heaven and Earth. The nature of the inner spiritual eye.

169,1. After this, I went a bit further towards the fig tree, plucked a few figs and ate them. Then I visited the young people, who were just busy in eating bread and delicious fruit. When they saw Me, they all stood up and expressed their thanks in a hearty manner for all the good gifts that they had received.

169,2. Some of them wanted to tell Me very precisely all the things they had understood of My lessons and deeds. And the 7 who were with Me on the Mount of Olives for some time and who I had given to understand the Hebrew language and also to speak it, began to testify loudly that I was the Lord of Heaven and Earth and that they also had already made this clear to their companions.

169,3. I commended them, and advised them to keep this faith faithfully into their heart, and that above all they would not let them be seduced by the great worldly splendor, the pride, the idols and the temptations of the great worldly city of Rome, where they soon should be, but to follow precisely the lessons and warnings of the Roman who would, like a true father, take his children to Rome already within a few days. If they would behave in everything chastely and orderly, I Myself would be extremely pleased with them and endow them with all kinds of gifts.

169,4. But they also had to always remember that I am all seeing and all knowing and that I even know every thought that man may ever so secretly think in himself. This had to restrain them always from doing something against the law of the true life-order. For, as I like to endow all kinds of possible gifts from the Heavens on everyone who is pure of heart, so also must every transgressor of the wise laws of the true life-order, have to fear My rod of chastisement.

169,5. “Until now you were”, I said further to the young ones, “as pure as My angels in Heaven, and that was also the reason why I Myself freed you from the hard bonds of slavery. But stay now also in the future equally pure, then My angels will accompany you and will protect you against all adversity, and they will go before you and lead you on the ways of life that are leading to My Heaven. My dear children, did you understand this well?”

169,6. Then all of them, particularly the 7 first ones, said: “O dear Father and Lord, that we have understood very well and we also will observe it scrupulously. But what do Your angels look like and where are Your actual Heavens?”

169,7. I said: “Look, the apparent young man who has been taking care of you in My name until now, is one of My most important angels. He indeed has, for the sake of men, a body, but that he can dissolve whenever he likes. If he does that, he will not die because of that, but will continue to live eternally as a pure spirit just like Me, creating and working. Like this powerful and mighty angel of whom I was talking and who is now the only one here, are still countless many in My Heavens.

169,8. But since you also asked where My Heavens may be found, I tell you: My Heavens are wherever there are godly, pure and good men and spirits. This whole visible space, that ends nowhere, is Heaven without neither end nor beginning. But only for good men and spirits. However, where evil men and spirits are dwelling, there this space is not a Heaven, but a Hell, which is judgment and eternal death, showing itself in this world as matter, which in itself is also a judgment and thus death.

169,9. So whoever is only chasing after the treasures of the world, which is entirely matter, judgment, Hell and death, goes thereby also with his soul into death. Thus, all evil spirits are mostly dwelling in the matter of this Earth. The good and pure spirits are always living in the pure light spaces of the free ether space.

169,10. In order that you, My dear pure children, can make also a lasting idea of this, I will now open your inner spiritual eye for a few moments, since you already have a special talent for this anyway, and then you will as it were be able to look from this Earth into My Heaven.”

169,11. Then one of the children was still asking: “O dear Father and Lord, what is then the inner spiritual eye?”

169,12. I said: “Look, children, when you sleep, your physical eye is closed, and yet, in your clear dreams you can see all kinds of wonderful regions, people, animals and trees, flowers, bushes and stars, and still all kinds of other things, more clearly and more purely than when you can see the things of this world with your physical eyes. Look, all the things you can see in your dreams are spiritual, and you can see them with your inner spiritual eye. However, when you are awake, your inner spiritual eye is and stays closed, and no ordinary man can, as with the physical eye, open it at will. That I have arranged for a very wise reason.

169,13. But with every person I also can, if I will, open the inner eye at any time, and then he is able to see the spiritual and the natural at the same time, and this I shall now also do with you as an experience that shall forever be printed in your soul. And so, I will that you will see My Heavens.”

169,14. When I had said this, they all saw already a countless number of angels around them, who were very friendly, were talking to them and encouraging them to do what is good. At the same time they also saw as if they were looking through the matter of the Earth, a few ugly, unhappy beings, whose only striving it was to hide and to bury themselves ever deeper into matter. They also saw in the ether spaces beautiful landscapes and here and there brilliant and wondrously beautiful buildings, over which they were very amazed. In those regions they were, also in spirit, guided around by the angels who showed and also explained them many things.

169,15. After a while I called them all back again into their earthly awake state and asked them how they liked what they had seen.

169,16. But they could find no words to describe all the wondrously beautiful things, which they had seen there, and especially the female part asked Me if I still for a while could show them the heavenly beauties.

169,17. But I said to them: “As long as you still have to live in this world for the sake of the freedom of will, so that one day you can become free and independent spirits, it is completely sufficient what you have seen now, because that will stir up in you a great enthusiasm to live and to act according to My teaching and My commandments.

169,18. When you will be totally perfect in the fulfillment of My will, you will still in this life receive the quality to completely control your inner spiritual eye and also your inner spiritual ear.

169,19. Out of what My teaching and My will for the people of this Earth consist, that you already have partly heard, and only in Rome you will learn all the rest from the Romans. When you will be instructed in all things, then you also can teach the people who will ask you what kind of faith you have and according to what kind of teaching you are living, and why.

169,20. Now you can leave soon and let yourselves be brought to the village by My angel, more precisely to the inn. There you can discuss among yourselves about all the things you have heard and seen now, and My angel will explain to you many things of which you were not yet able to grasp with your intellect.”

169,21. Upon this, all were thanking Me again, and I went back to the previous group that was in front of the hill.

169,22. Arriving there, Lazarus asked Me what the young people were still doing on the other side of the hill, and if they perhaps could be brought immediately from there to the Mount of Olives.

169,23. I said: “My dear friend, I took care of everything and gave them My instructions, to free you from your worry. For, even as good people are taking good care of their fellowman, I am taking care a long time ahead of it. And if I would not take any precaution, very soon the whole world would fall apart. But let us not talk about this anymore, for something else will happen soon.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-169 Chapter