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Chapter 17 - The primordial matter of creation.

17,1. After all the guests had gone, our friend Lazarus asked Raphael, saying: “Listen, God’s spirit full of charity, you said earlier that the air contains countless numbers of all sorts of primeval elements and substances as free-floating and unbound, which can be recognised by the wisdom and by the will of a perfected spirit and be bound together to a more solid body! Through the examples given to me, the issue became inevitable very clear to me; but alongside a completely different very important question came to me and consists of the following: See, the primeval elements and substances may in fact be present in the air of this earth, the way you have very clearly explained it me; but where do they come from originally? How do they get in such countless variety into the air of our earth, probably even in much bigger variety into the air of countless other earths and worlds, which I mercifully learned about from the many other disciples and from the Lord Himself? Explain this also to me!”

17,2. Said Raphael: “Oh, oh, how can’t you understand this by yourself! Can anything exist outside God, which has not been created by Him? Isn’t everything from eternity that fills infinitive space, His thoughts, His ideas, His wisdom, His will?

17,3. See, His thoughts in never ending most infinitive abundance from eternity to the next are the actual primeval substances and the primeval elements, from which everything on earths and in heavens is made, and exists through the undivided eternal power of the godly will. No thought and no idea can arise and continue to exist even in God, without His will. Thereby, however, that each thought and each idea originates out of the highest intelligence through His will, it carries in itself as separate intelligence also the corresponding part of God’s will, and such single thought of God or similar created larger idea of the Lord which carries God’s will, can therefore never end just as God Himself, because in the brightest light of His self-conscious sphere He never ever can forget a once produced thought and a even deeper composed idea. Since this is with God the purest impossibility, to forget a once produced thought and an even deeper composed idea, each minutest thought and every so slightly seeming idea of God, is for ever in its primeval spiritual constitution indestructible.

17,4. Since further - as indicated earlier - every thought and every idea of God also partially as a divine intelligence particle, must necessarily also carry in itself the divine will, because without it, it could never have been thought, every such single thought and every such single idea of God, either on its own or bound together by several thoughts in a wise manner - regarded then as an idea - can as a separate entity in its own kind and sphere develop itself, perfect itself in and by itself to that what it is, multiply itself to infinity and can become more noble and more perfect by wise conjunction with other primeval elements and substances.

17,5. In the very beginning an originating sun is a pure, shimmering ether of light, or a self-seizing of countless many of God’s thoughts and ideas, as a result of their own underlying corresponding portion of God’s will. Based on this underlying will of God they attract from the infinite aether on an ongoing basis what is similar to them, and in such a way the previous shimmering aether gets more dense and in time reaches the density of this our atmosphere. This becomes over time more and more dense and water will appear; but also the water is getting more dense over time and mud, loam, rocks and thereby a more solid earth will develop.

17,6. These now closer and more firmly tied together original spiritual, primeval substances and primeval elements start, in such an unfree condition, to feel more and more uncomfortable, become very active to free themselves, and in such world body it starts to get more fiery in especially the heavier parts. Through this fiery zeal of the pressed, originally free primeval substances and primeval elements, the more solid parts of such a new world body are torn, yes in many cases the inner becomes the outer and vice versa the outer the inner, and after many such battles, such a new world body will be placed in a more stable order, and the caught primeval thoughts and primeval ideas of God find another way to free themselves from the immense pressure.

17,7. And see, soon all sorts of plants and animals originate, and this goes on up to humans, where only then a great many of such primeval thoughts and primeval ideas of God find full redemption from their old judgment. Only then they recognise God as the primeval reason of all being and all life and return then as independent, most free beings - this means, if they have lived according to His recognised will - back to Him.

17,8. But in this pure, free and independent spiritual return on countless many and highly heterogeneous world bodies, lies the same big difference as in and between the world bodies themselves. The most perfect return from a world body to God is and remains only possible from this earth, because here every person in his soul and in his spirit can develop to completely resemble God, if he just wanted to; since he who strives for God here, shall come to God. - Do you comprehend such things?”

17,9. Said Lazarus: “I understand this well, since in this regard I have received from the Lord the most important foreknowledge; but some of it remains incomprehensible to me and I have to ask more questions.”

17,10. Said Raphael: “O, my dear friend, this is also with me the case! Since in God endless many things are hidden, which we, after God the highest and purest spirits, do not know; since God has for the good and pure spirits for eternity such a vast stock, that He can for ever with never anticipated new creations out of His love and wisdom, inexpressible surprise and thereby continuously multiply and increase their bliss.

17,11. Said Lazarus: “O yes, this I believe very much; but about things which my very limited human mind is able to ask, you surely can give me an explanation!

17,12. See, at some stage I read a book with the title “Wars of Jehovah”, and therein, of course in a very mythical language, mention was made of the fall of the primeval angels!

17,13. In the beginning God - of course endlessly long before any worlds were created - had created seven large spirits corresponding to the seven spirits in God. He gave them great powers and similar great wisdom, so that also they were able, just like God, to create smaller spirits, completely resembling themselves, in very great numbers, and so infinitive space was filled with countless legions of spirits.

17,14. The greatest and mightiest of those seven primeval spirits was according to the text obviously Lucifer. But he lifted himself above his power and size, didn’t want to become only God’s equal, but wanted to rule over God. God became angry, seized the traitor and pushed him for eternity into judgment. But the six great spirits stayed, along with their countless many lesser spirits, with God and served Him only from eternity to eternity, while at the same time the lesser spirits of Lucifer as evil devils and as for ever rejected beings by God, had to burn in God’s fire of rage to endure continuously the greatest pain without relief. - Now, what do you say to that, as a surely one of the first angels of God?”

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