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Chapter 170 - The business caravan from Damascus.

170,1. Immediately after I had said this, Helias, who also was still with us, came quickly to Me and said full of fright and fear: “But Lord, Lord, for Heaven’s sake, what is that now? I was looking at the caravan that is coming from the morning, how it is moving towards us with its camels and packhorses. But now there is another very horrible looking caravan, coming behind it. Instead of camels and packhorses one can see dreadful looking fiery dragons, and instead of people one can see real figures of devils who are wrapped up with glowing snakes and decorated with a skull on their chest. O Lord, Lord, what does this suddenly mean now?”

170,2. When Helias had told his story in one breath they all went to the edge of the hill that lies at the morning side and saw an appearance that was rather not so pretty to look at, and they asked their somewhat fearful question what the meaning of this was.

170,3. I said: “See and understand. The fact that the first caravan consists of only worldly merchants who are lusting for profit, that you hopefully will have known for a long time already, because a merchant from Damascus is not one hair better than a thief and a street robber. These merchants are very courteous and polite to the buyer, in order that this one will buy from him as much as possible for a lot of money. Once that the goods are sold, then they would rather – if they would not be afraid of the worldly laws – kill the buyer, take away the sold goods and besides that, rob him from all the rest of his money and possessions. But despite such inner thoughts and striving, they are for the world respected and highly appreciated people, and their fellowmen can never bow down deep enough to them.

170,4. But in order that all of you, who are now My disciples and friends, may learn to know this evil kind in its true inner nature a little better than has been the case so far, I opened up your inner eye and you saw with your physical eyes the worldly caravan in front, as it can be seen by every healthy human eye, but behind it you saw the corresponding inner spiritual caravan.

170,5. The glowing dragons are showing the burning lust to possess all the treasures of this Earth. The devils riding on dragons are the merchants in their worldly tendency. The snakes around their body represent their business tricks, slyness and cunning. The skulls are pointing out the great lust for murder of such true worldly devils. For, if it would be possible to them, then they would kill immediately all the rich people in order to appropriate in the easiest way the complete possession of all goods and treasures of this Earth. Since this is the case with these merchants and because I know that often you still have a high esteem for such people, I had to reveal them to the eyes of your soul.

170,6. Now that you have seen this according to the inner truth, your inner eye will now be shut again, and you see now again only the external caravan passing by at the foot of this hill. How did you like this image?”

170,7. Then Nicodemus said: “Lord, I have already sent a few servants to the inn with the strict order that this caravan would not find nor receive accommodation in my inn for no matter how much money. That would be too bad to give such kind of people accommodation. As mayor, I will take immediately all measures so that they will have to find accommodation far away from our home. Apart from that, such kind of beings would contaminate our otherwise most friendly place to such extend that after that no one would be able to live there. Yes, very sharp counter measures have to be taken and set to work to turn away such a disaster from our place. Lord, is that not right?”

170,8. I said: “You have done well not to receive them in your inn, but to refuse the caravan admittance for the whole region would be unwise. Because firstly the caravan stands under the protection of the Roman laws which are valid for all merchants and which gives them free passage, and secondly there are many people also in this place who, because of their inner nature, are no hair better than these merchants and thus are not in danger of becoming worse than what they already were for a long time, and finally as a third point, even with these Damascenes some attempts can be made if ever their inclination could and will perhaps at least be partly changed. Because with many people, no matter how evil they may be, it is still easier on this world to make possible improvement, than later on the other side for the naked soul.

170,9. So you better give up your second intention. However, concerning the first one, with this – as I have already said in the beginning – I completely agree, for we and they would really not be able to put up with one another under one roof, because Heaven and Hell must be well separated from each other. Are you satisfied with My advice?”

170,10. Nicodemus said: “O Lord, this for sure, but I feel now somewhat bitter and upset that also my favorite place here is inhabited with people who in their nature are similar to the merchants from Damascus.”

170,11. I said: “Look there, a little at the back are still the 7 men who I have saved from starvation in the old hut of the rich Barabe. They sent their naked children to the citizens of this place so that at least one would take care of them, but there the children could found only stony hearts. If this is now so, how can you then be surprised that I could not give the citizens of this village a better testimony. If ever I would show you with your inner eye the prominent people of Jerusalem, what would you say then?

170,12. Therefore, I tell you: this world looks like Hell in everything. Only it is concealed from the eyes of men, just like Heaven is concealed in word and deed. So, Heaven can bring salvation to Hell already here, but where both are revealed, the influence is difficult or even in the highest degree not possible at all.

170,13. When the two Pharisees came here, also the complete Hell came here concealed in them, but without suspecting it they came here also into the full Heaven.

170,14. Yet, Heaven has also 3 degrees, just like Hell has 3 degrees or stages.

170,15. The 7 men from Upper-Egypt were representing the lowest degree of the pure Heaven of Wisdom, and only in there the hellish spirits from Jerusalem were allowed to come first. Then a light began to dawn within them and they became aware that they were completely in the evil of Hell. When they began to be aware of it more and more, the light of the second degree of Heaven came down to them in the person of Raphael and they felt the need to rid themselves of their evil and to turn to the light. Only when they looked at themselves completely for the first time in the bright light of the truth and love of the second Heaven, true repentance started to penetrate into them and there was a longing for Me, the highest degree of the Heavens. And when I Myself came to them, they were then at once completely converted, and so they are now candidates for the first degree of Heaven.

170,16. If we however, when they came to us as pure devils, would have immediately driven them away with our power, they now would certainly not be standing in the happy attitude wherein they are standing now. And look, so it is also the case with the merchants from Damascus who are presently in this place, but have no idea of how close they have come to God’s Kingdom. We will however, when we are with them, soon find an opportunity to let them notice something of it, and then it will appear what can be done further.

170,17. But now we will, because the merchants have already for the greatest part found accommodation, leave this hill and first go for 1 little hour to your residence, and after that to your inn to take an evening meal. Then it will appear of itself what we can do.”

170,18. Agricola still said: “Lord, I nowhere can see our young people. Did they perhaps already go down?”

170,19. I said: “But dear friend, have you just now not heard what I have said to Lazarus? How can you still ask after this again? The young people are already well taken care of and are already in the inn. And moreover, under the loyal care of Raphael. That they will not lack anything there, of this you can be completely sure. But now we shall break up and go down to the village. Now on the hill nobody may ask Me anything anymore. So be it.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-170 Chapter