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Chapter 172 - The Lord explains Isaiah's images of the future

172,1. The scribe said: “But why did the prophets then talk and write in such a concealed way? I suppose that the most important for them was that their words could be understood by the people?”

172,2. I said: “These kind of objections were already made a few days ago on the Mount of Olives, and I have demonstrated to you how unfounded it is. So I do not have to repeat here what has already been said.

172,3. What kind of Word of God would that be, which has no inner meaning? Or can you imagine a human being without any bowels, or one who is so transparent as a drop of water so that his whole internal body could be seen? Something that we would – despite the artfulness of it – dislike very much.

172,4. Oh, do try, all of you, to think wisely. Nevertheless, I will now explain to you the obvious true meaning of the fourth verse of Isaiah. So be very attentive.

172,5. ‘The Lord’, who am I in the Word, ‘will judge the gentiles and punish many people.’

172,6. Who are the gentiles and who the people? The gentiles are all those who do not know the true God and instead of Him are worshiping and mostly honoring, dead idols and the mammon of this world. The Jews are surrounded by such people from all sides, and wherever you now also want to go in the world – to the morning, the noon or the evening – you will find nothing but all kind of different gentiles. However, you know that now from all sides of the world the gentiles of high and low rank and from close by and from far away have come to Me. They heard My Word and saw My signs, were filled with faith and accepted My teaching, and My Word is now judging them and putting them on trial, by which they cease from being gentiles and they pass over to the number of the blessed ones of God and to the number of the true people of God.

172,7. But they also will not remain like they are now instructed and educated, because soon false anointed men will arise among them who will also perform signs, will mislead kings and princes, will soon seize a great worldly power and will persecute with fire and sword those who do not want to follow them, and will finally split into many sects and parties. And these are then the many people who I as Lord will punish because of their lack of love, their falsehood, their selfishness, their pride, their obstinacy, their lust of power and their evil quarreling and mutual persecutions and wars. However, before that time will come, it still will take a while, as it lasted from Noah until now.

172,8. But as it was during the time of Noah when men were marrying and were giving into marriage, held big parties and feasts, let themselves be highly honored and wage destructive wars against those who did not want to bow down before their idols, so that soon the great flood came that drowned all those who committed evil, so also it will be in that future time. But then the Lord will come with the fire of His zeal and His wrath, and sweep away all the evildoers from the Earth.

172,9. Then it will happen that the pure and good men and the real friends of the truth and the light out of God who were spared, will make from their swords plowshares and from their spears sickles, and will give up the art of war completely. Then after that, no truly anointed people will lift up the sword against another anymore, except still some remaining gentiles somewhere in the deserts of the Earth. But also these will be admonished and after that be swept off the Earth.

172,10. Then the Earth will be blessed again. Its soil will bear a hundredfold fruit of everything, and the elders will be given the power over all the elements.

172,11. Look, this is how, spiritually seen, the fourth verse for this Earth has to be understood, which was for you as scribe so very incomprehensible.

172,12. But behind this natural, true, spiritual meaning lies a still hidden, deeper pure spiritual and heavenly meaning, but that you, with your still pure worldly intellect cannot understand, and that also cannot be expressed into words. However, if you will be on the Mountain of the Lord and will have entered into the House of God, and then will come out of the house of Jacob – like the prophet is speaking about it in the short fifth verse – only then will you walk in the true light of the Spirit out of God. (Isaiah 2:5). Do tell Me now if you have understood this better now than at first.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-172 Chapter