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Chapter 18 - The seven primeval spirits of God. The salvation.

18,1. Said Raphael: “This is only a corresponding picture of precisely that which I just have told you about the creation or successive formation of a complete heavenly body.

18,2. The primeval great spirits are the very thoughts in God and the ideas arising from them.

18,3. The mystical number seven means the perfect original divine and God-resemblance in every thought originating from Him and in every idea which He placed outside Himself.

18,4. The first in God is love. It can be found in all created things; since without it nothing is possible.

18,5. The second is wisdom as the light emanating from love. This you can see in the form of every being; since the more a being is receptive to light, the more developed, defined and beautiful will be its form.

18,6. The third that arises out of love and wisdom, is the effective will of God. Through it the beings thought of become reality, that they truly exist, - otherwise all thoughts and ideas of God would be, what your hollow thoughts and ideas are, which never are put into action.

18,7. The fourth that again originates from the three, and is called order. Without order no being could have any permanent and stable form and therefore could also never reach a certain destiny. If you place an ox in front of a plough and he would change his form and shape, for example, into a fish or a bird, would you ever reach a goal with him? Or you wanted to eat a fruit and in front of your mouth it would turn into a rock, - what use would be to you? Or you go somewhere on firm ground and the road under your feet would turn to water, - would even the most solid road be any use to you? See, all that and countless other things are prevented by the divine order as the forth spirit of God!

18,8. The fifth spirit of God is called the divine earnestness, without it no existing thing would be possible, since it is equal to the eternal truth in God and provide all beings with continuance, reproduction, prospering and ultimate perfection. Without such spirit in God things would be very bad with all beings. They would all be like mirages, which appear to be something, as long as you can see them; but only too soon the conditions of production change, because earnestness is lacking, and the beautiful and wondrous images melt away into nothingness! They are well-ordered to look at, but since there prevails no earnestness in the producing reason, they are nothing more than highly transient images, for whom it is impossible to have any permanent existence.

18,9. See, there we have already the five great primeval spirits of God, and therefore lets move on to the last two, and therefore listen to me further!

18,10. Where the highest love, the highest wisdom, the almighty will, the most perfect order and the unchangeable firm earnestness are present, it is apparent that the highest and forever unachievable patience must also be present; since without it everything would become a rush and ultimately change into an inextricable chaos of the old wise men.

18,11. If a master builder builds a house, he cannot, alongside his other required characteristics, ignore patience; since if he lacks this - believe me - he will never manage his house.

18,12. I say to you: If it wasn’t for this spirit in God, already for an endless long time, no sun in infinitive space would have provided light for any earth, and the world of spirits would be a strange place completely without beings?! Patience is the mother of the eternal, unchanging mercy of God, and if this sixth spirit would not be in God, where and what would all the creatures be in relation to the almighty God?!

18,13. If in some way we transgress and therefore become apparently subject to the destructive curse of the divine love, wisdom, divine will, who’s seriousness follows the preceding order, we bump into divine patience, which in time will and must bring everything into equilibrium, since without it all creatures irrespective how perfect, would be subject to the eternal judgment of destruction.

18,14. The divine patience would together with the preceding five spirits in God be able to create one or even countless many people on the world bodies, and would also be able to maintain them; but then one or even countless many people would live forever in the heavy flesh, and the soul ultimately becoming free from the bonds of matter would forever be unthinkable. At the same time animals, plants and people would continuously reproduce and finally live in such large numbers on a space limited world body so close and crowded together, that one could not get out of the way of the other. But this is only possible, if a world body under the rule of the infinitive divine patience would sufficiently mature, to carry and feed plants, animals and people. Yes, the creation of a material world, given the already known six spirits, would be infinitively slow, and it would be very doubtful if ever a material world would come into being.

18,15. But patience is, as already said, the mother of divine mercy, and as such is the seventh spirit in God actually mercy, which we also can call gentleness. This makes everything right. It puts in order all the preceding spirits and causes the timely maturity of a world as well as all the creatures on it. For everything a certain time period is set, and the matured spirits can therefore soon and easily reach full redemption and enter into their eternal freedom and fullest independent life.

18,16. This seventh spirit in God caused also that God Himself came into the flesh, to redeem within the shortest possible time all the imprisoned spirits from the hard bondages of a necessary judgment of matter, therefore also this His undertaking - the redemption - the new recreation of all heavens and all worlds and can be called the biggest undertaking of God, since herein all seven spirits of God in complete equilibrium collaborated, what has been previously no so much the case and according to the spirit of order in God was also not allowed to happen. Since previously this seventh spirit in God as explained to you just know, was only insofar with the other spirits active, so that all thoughts and ideas of God could became reality; but from now on he will act more mightier and the result of that is precisely the most perfect redemption.

18,17. And see, these are the seven spirits which you did not understand, and everything that has been created out of the seven spirits of God, corresponds in everything and all with these seven spirits of God and carries them in itself. And the eternal continuous creation and the equal continuous creating, is, what the primeval wise men of this earth called ‘The Wars of Jehovah’.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-18 Chapter