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Chapter 196 - Asking for the tax coin.

196,1. When the high priests, scribes and Pharisees heard this from Me, they did not know what they should undertake further against Me to catch Me in My words. Because with the question about the Kingdom of God they did not succeed because they could not say anything against it and because all the people from the crowd were loudly pointing out that I had spoken and taught the full truth.

196,2. Also the more moderate ones who were present said: “We told you before that with questions from the Scriptures you are no match for Him, because He might be more familiar with it than we ourselves. You only should ask His advice and opinion about Roman laws, which He as so-called prophet in view of the laws of Moses cannot approve. With this, we could more easily catch Him. However, then, the questions should be asked by those who are very qualified.”

196,3. All agreed on this and they secretly deliberated to know how they should handle it to catch Me in My own words in the manner that was advised.

196,4. Some went outside to the scholars of the Roman law and also to the juridical advisers of Herod, and they promised a great reward if they could catch Me in My words.

196,5. Soon they came with a feigned friendly look and said (the servants of Herod): “Master, we know that You are truthful and You make the way of God known in the right manner, without asking if perhaps someone did not agree with Your teaching. For only the truth counts for You and not the respect of a person, so that You always can speak out a free judgment. Look, we are lawyers and found it always very strange that we as Jews – who according to the law of Moses should always be free – still have to pay taxes to the emperor of Rome. What is Your opinion about this matter? Is it right that we Jews, have to pay taxes, while we have a charter which says that we, despite the Roman domination may move freely according to the law of Moses. What do You say about this?”

196,6. However, because I noticed very clearly their cunning already at the time when they entered, I looked at them very seriously and said aloud: “Hypocrites, why do you want to tempt Me!? Show Me such a tax coin!”

196,7. At once they showed Me such a coin.

196,8. Further on I said: “Whose image is on it and whose inscription!?”

196,9. They said: “As You can see, the one from the emperor.”

196,10. I said: “Well, then give to the emperor what belongs to the emperor and to God what belongs to God!”

196,11. When they heard this, they were surprised about My wisdom and said to the priests: “You can test this wise Man yourself, because we are no match for His wisdom.”

196,12. Then they went away.

196,13. And again I spoke freely with the people about the immortality of the human soul, which attracted a few Sadducees who were present. After a short while I was confronted with them, which will soon follow.

196,14. After these negotiations it was of course already midday. For this reason a few of My disciples asked Me if it would not be advisable to leave the temple and to look for a midday meal, because I had conquered the Pharisees almost completely and all the people was in our favor and it believed in Me.

196,15. I said: “This can still wait for awhile, because man does not live from bread alone, but also from every word that comes out of the mouth of God. I have to work as long as it is day. When the night comes it is not easy to deal with and to work with this people. For sure, the Pharisees have gone away now to deliberate again if perhaps I still cannot be caught in one way or another. Therefore, they soon will come back to make it difficult for Me. And there is a big group of Sadducees who also have something against Me and will soon start a conversation with Me. With this opportunity the necessary Pharisees and scribes will not be absent also. Therefore, we will stay in the temple, because also the people will stay here. But if someone of you wants to go away to take care of his body he also can do that. But I prefer that you stay here.”

196,16. When the disciples heard that from Me they stayed and nobody of them left the temple.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-196 Chapter