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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-204 Chapter

Chapter 204 - The Lord on the Mount of Olives with those that belong to Him.

204,1. When we went back to the Mount of Olives, Nicodemus, Joseph of Arimathea and the old rabbi were following us, and Nicodemus said directly to Me: “O Lord, my love of all love, today You have said the plain truth to those tyrants. Yes, it was really a wonder of wonders that today they did not grab stones like last time. At each of Your holy and complete true words I have really felt such a great pleasure as does not happen often. For me, the most wonderful was first that almost all the people who were present in the temple accepted Your teaching of life, and secondly, the Pharisees and scribes with each catch question that they were asking You, they were the ones who caught themselves and were losing the last spark of belief and trust that they still had with the people.

204,2. Oh, that was good for those arrogant and imperious, hypocritical pretenders and selfish fanatics who were already considering themselves to be in a higher position than God and Moses himself. How they also tried to convince the people that God is only dealing with the people through them and is only hearing and exalting their prayers. But today in front of the people it has been clearly unveiled how God is looking upon them, and this was so marvelous. This can no more be exceeded by anything else. Now they surely will hold one meeting after another, of which one will be more wicked and stupid than the other.

204,3. The best of all this is that they have different opinions among themselves. The least wicked ones are at least realizing that they can do nothing against You, but those real hardened fanatics of the temple are also not realizing that, although exactly today they should have felt that they are completely powerless. In short, I am so happy about Your total victory over those terrible dark people that I would like to shout now: ‘Hail to Him who has come in You to us in the name of the Lord!’

204,4. I said: “Yes indeed, your feeling is right and you have spoken correctly, but I preferred that also the Pharisees and all the scribes could have seen the truth and had changed their mind. But now they are as hardened as they were before.

204,5. By their spies they have discovered that I have walked upon this mountain with My disciples and all the other friends, and only 2 hours will pass by before we will see here new helpers and persecutors. But My time, about which I have already spoken to you, has not come yet. That is why I will seriously chastise them by My Raphael, but first by the 7 still present Upper-Egyptians. Then they will leave us alone again for a certain time. But now we will go at table to strengthen our limbs. Those who are down there can do whatever they want.”

204,6. Raphael came here with the crowd that was entrusted to him and told Agricola that according to My will he taught the young people to speak the Roman and Greek languages and also the language of the Jews, and that they would be very useful in Rome, because they not only could not speak these languages very well but they also could not write or read them.

204,7. Agricola was extremely happy about this because now a great burden and much work was taken away from him. Now the young people greeted Me in the Jewish language and then, upon My instruction they went to their tents where also for them the tables were well provided.

204,8. After that, we went immediately to our dining-hall, sat on the same seats as before and served ourselves with the well-prepared food and the extremely good wine.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-204 Chapter