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Chapter 207 - The Lord gives a few examples of His omnipotence.

207,1. Then the Greek said to Joseph: ‘Now I entirely recognize your wonderful son again, and it is a great joy for me that He does not rank us gentiles as the other Jews who consider themselves to be the purest children of God, but as human beings they simply stink of sheer pride and are persecuting one another even worse than dogs and cats. Already as a small child this son of yours has often complained about the Jewry like they are now. But now as a grown-up young Man He has made His thought more clear and showed how things are with the Jews. His opinion is really giving me all the more joy because He has said it precisely as it is living in the deepest of my soul.

207,2. After all, it is not good when the first people of God immediately condemn every gentile, who is also a human being. And this even when we have given them the greatest benefits. Why do they not condemn our gold and silver? This for sure is good enough for them. But when one of us has set one foot in their house, they consider their house and also themselves unclean for the whole day. Oh, what fools. I have no words to express how bad and foolish such faith of delusion is. And look, this confirms now also your godly wonderful son. And this has given me such a big joy as I never felt before.

207,3. Now that we have discussed this matter clearly, and know what to think about the worldly prescriptions of the Jews – but on the other hand we also know very well that you, out of those many Jews, are the most honest and sincere person, and you do not feel bound to meaningless forms – perhaps we can now already agree upon how and on which conditions you want to build the house and the big pig stall for me. Your wonderful son will surely take care of the fact that you will not have to expect any criticism from any side. Say now, friend, what do you think about it.’

207,4. Joseph said: ‘My wonderful son and you are totally right, but if ever there still will be trouble, then only me will be called to account. Concerning the cost, it will take no time to agree on that.’

207,5. I said: ‘Listen, My earthly foster-father Joseph, it will only depend on My will if someone will betray you with this good work. For even if I did not perform here any signs for the reasons that were explained, I am still the One who I was in the beginning, and all things are possible to Me. Sun, moon, stars and this whole Earth, as well as all Heavens and the whole Hell must obey Me and conform themselves to My will. Would I then be afraid for the dark and blind priests of our synagogue?

207,6. Just conclude a construction contract with this honorable man and leave the rest up to Me. Then we will have no trouble with the construction, because He who is capable to build Heaven and Earth will also certainly easily be capable to build a good house and a pig stall for an honest Greek who is a complete Jew in his heart. I am telling you that a pig stall does not actually belong to the building-works which honors the spirit of man, but the dirtiest pig stall is more dear to Me now than the temple in Jerusalem and many synagogues in the great land of the Jews.’

207,7. Joseph said: ‘Now listen, my son, You certainly are making bold statements today. If someone from the city would hear that and would accuse us, then what would happen to us? We would be charged with the most terrible blasphemy and would be stoned without mercy.’

207,8. I said: ‘You should worry about other things. Who can hear us if I do not want it, and who will stone us while I am Lord over all the stones? Just look to this stone here, which I now have lifted up. Now I want that before the eyes of the world it will perish completely. And look, it already has happened. If a foolish Jew would throw now stones at us, could they harm us in any way? Now look at the sun. See how it shines with its bright light. And because I am also Lord over the sun, I want now that it will not shine for a few moments. And look, now it is as dark as during the night.’

207,9. Now Joseph and also the Greek were frightened, and those who were in the house were afraid and came outside and asked full of fright what this was and what it meant.

207,10. I said: ‘I already am with you for such a long time and still you do not know Me. That is My will. But now I want that there will be light again. And look, the sun is shining again as perfect as before. This means nothing else than that all of you will know and realize that I am with you.’

207,11. All of them said: ‘The Lord be praised, our Jesus has received His power again from God.’

207,12. I said: ‘I have received nothing, because all power and all might are Mine. I and the One who lives in Me are One and not two. And now, Joseph, do tell me if you still feel fear for the Jews and the elders of the synagogue.’

207,13. Joseph said: ‘Yes, my dearest son and also my Lord, if this is the case, of course I do not have any fright and no more fear, because only now I entirely have seen my salvation. Now without objection we will start the construction in question and will go even today to the place where our old friend wants his house and his stall to be build.’

207,14. The Greek said: ‘I thank you in advance. The reward will follow abundantly. The place is not so far from here, and before sunset we will easily reach the place where I live with my household, because I have good pack animals standing outside of the inn.’

207,15. Then Joseph called My other brothers and told them what had to be done. But Joses was of the opinion that it would be good when one of them would stay home, because also in the small city something could happen every day. At the same time it also would attract less attention, and the supervisors of the synagogue, whose eyes and ears are always directed to this house because of Me, would not so much notice Joseph’s departure and would not inform where and by whom he had accepted work.

207,16. Then I said: ‘Also you, must be right one time, but not totally. Because I notice that except James no one has to come with us, and therefore we have to bring the most necessary tools only for 3 men. And this only for the reason that they should know that we are leaving the house as carpenters. James, prepare therefore for the trip.’

207,17. James prepared himself and brought the tools.

207,18. When the three of us and the Greek were ready to leave, Mary, the mother of My body, came and asked for how long we would stay away.

207,19. Joseph said: ‘For such a big job it is not easy to say in advance.’

207,20. Then I said: ‘Indeed, men cannot do that, but with Me, also this is possible.’

207,21. Mary said: ‘Well, then You tell me how long will you stay away.’

207,22. I said: ‘3 full days. That means today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. On the Sabbath, before sunrise, we will be back again.’

207,23. Then all of them said: ‘How can you three build a big house and a big pig stall in 2 days?’

207,24. I said: ‘This is our concern, you will take care that at home your work will be done.’

207,25. Then Mary said to Me: ‘But my dearest son, I find that again You are so remarkable today. You speak with such a commanding voice. How come?’

207,26. I said: ‘Because I have to do this for the sake of your salvation. But do not delay us now any longer, because this talk is to no one’s advantage. Time is very precious for man.’

207,27. Mary said: ‘Yes, yes, You cannot be contradicted in anything. You are always right. Therefore, I wish you a successful trip and a safe return home.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-207 Chapter