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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-214 Chapter

Chapter 214 - The free will of man.

214,1. When all heard these words from My mouth they were surprised about My wisdom, and Cyrenius himself said: Yes, yes, these are not words as they are spoken by men, but those words are truly from God, because out of each word comes the shining truth as the light comes from the sun so that the most discerning human intellect cannot have any objections.

214,2. Just look at our gods and our priests, what a nonsense do we see and what an evil foolishness. And here shines the truth like a sun. Therefore, I do not say anything else except: Lord, deliver us soon from our great need.

214,3. There are many men among us who are physically poor, and we who are, according to earthly standards, rich and powerful people, are always able to help if we want to, but all of us are poor according to spiritual standards, and this poverty is much worse than physical poverty because no one of us can help the other. Because what we do not possess ourselves we cannot give to another. But You are infinitely rich in Your Spirit and You can give us as much from Your endless great abundance as is needed to help us.

214,4. Most of all, let the full truth penetrate in the heart of the people and show us how we can get rid of the worst plague for our souls on this world.

214,5. However, this worst plague is our idolatry and our priests. These are for a 1.000 times 1.000 privileged cheaters of men and they have knowledge of magic and sorcery, or to say it better: they commit all kinds of fraud. By that, they impress the crowd and are – because they most of all are dealing with the people – in full possession of the power over the people, which makes it endlessly difficult for us to instruct the people. For if finally even the emperor would erect better schools for the people, those terrible priests would all too soon turn the whole people against the emperor and the whole army would be lost.

214,6. Therefore we Romans and Greeks who have a better and clearer mind, are suffering a great need of which we cannot liberate ourselves with all the treasures of the world. Show us a way to go against it, then there also will be a light amongst us, and then many 1.000 times 1.000 men will be helped.’

214,7. I said: ‘This is a good thought of you and what you wish will also happen. However spiritual help cannot be given as quickly as when I have calmed down the storm at sea, for there I only had to deal with spirits and powers who by far still do not have a free will, and consequently they have to obey Me unconditionally.

214,8. But every person has a completely free will according to which he can freely do what he wants, and therefore it is logical that his obedience depends on it. God Himself can and may never ever force him with His omnipotence, but He only can put man into such situations that by means of experiences he comes – as if he achieved it himself – to a more pure understanding and this way He can guide his will by his own intellect.

214,9. But if God would, by His omnipotence and out of His wisdom guide the will of man, then man would not be more than an animal. He even would be a little below it, for even to an animal a little freedom of will has been given – as experience can show you – and also an intellect and a memory. It can feel hunger, thirst and pain and therefore it is also able – although still vaguely – to think, judge, and by its sound, facial expression and movements it can make known what it needs and wants.

214,10. However, if man is – as far as his will is concerned – purely dependant on God’s omnipotence, he would be almost like a tree that has to grow and exist the way it was put down by God’s will.

214,11. From this you can already see that things are quite different with the right development of a human being than with the sudden calming down of a storm at sea. If men had to be treated in this manner, it surely would be foolish of Me to speak with you out of My wisdom and to teach you according to the truth. For in that case, at once I also could put the thoughts full of light into your soul and then force you by My might to will and to act in no different way than precisely as I want. But would that be an advantage to anyone if I made of him a pure machine of My almighty will?

214,12. But no matter how malicious and selfish your priests may be, they also are completely human beings with a complete free will and therefore they can do what they want, and this all the more since your worldly laws are not binding them, and on the other hand because, the way they are, you can use them well for the people.

214,13. But whoever wants to free himself from their yoke must search for the truth and hold on to it. For it is only by the truth that every human being has found in himself that he can become completely free of the yoke of darkness, which is a product of the 1.000 headed superstition or delusion.

214,14. Once you have understood this, you also should act according to it, then firstly the priests will not be able to harm you and secondly they themselves will stop when they cannot find any response for their foolishness in your field of truth which is full of light.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-214 Chapter