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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-217 Chapter

Chapter 217 - God's purpose with man.

217,1. Then I said: ‘Friend, you are a little excited because I just presented to you the truth about the destiny of men. But that is all right. I have seen the reefs of doubt in you and wanted that you showed them openly. Therefore, Joseph had to come up with a subject to loosen your tongue in the right spot. You also have spoken well and you have brought your doubts and criticism concerning the human nature well forward. But now it is My turn and I can tell you something quite different than what you think about this subject, which you have discussed now among you.

217,2. Look, if God had only created man for this Earth it would be a strange hobby from His side to create continuously and then to destroy the created again. But because He created man for a higher and eternal life, and let them exist on this Earth only as long until they have gone through the strictly necessary test of their free will, or at least through the existence in the flesh, it is a true and living hobby of God regarding His human beings, that He only let them live in the flesh on this miserable world as long as it is strictly necessary for this or that person. When real man leaves this Earth he will be send to schools that are suitable to bring him to the higher and completely true life’s completion. There he also will receive a true instruction about the genesis of the first men of the Earth.

217,3. However, many a man will – also because of his fellowmen – become like Me perfected on this Earth, but only through the only possible way of the true worshipping of God, which I have explained to you just now when you were considering of giving Me godly honor.

217,4. But in order that you may doubt no more in a life of the soul after the death of the body I will open the eyes of your soul for awhile and then you can tell us about all the things you have seen. But I only want to do that if you want it.’

217,5. The counselor said: ‘Yes, I would like that. Please, do it for me.’

217,6. Now Joseph called Me to him and said softly to Me: ‘Listen, my dear son of the most high, do not go too far with those highly ranked Romans, because I have constantly the impression that they are already misunderstanding You for some time. The highly ranked counselor has more or less indicated this just now, although before he was in favor of giving You godly honor.’

217,7. I said: ‘You do not have to worry. What I will show him now will make him change his mind completely.’

217,8. Joseph said: ‘Then just do what You think is best.’

217,9. Then, only for the counselor I opened the so-called second sight by My inner will, which was not spoken aloud, and immediately he was surrounded and encircled even by deceased family members, friends and acquaintances, and finally also Julius Caesar appeared, of which the counselor was extremely astonished, so that he asked me quickly: ‘Is all this the truth or illusion?’

217,10. I said: ‘Talk with them, they will tell you, because an illusion cannot talk.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-217 Chapter