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Chapter 219 - The life of Julius Caesar in the beyond.

219,1. This was very pleasing to me and I went with my friend to the shore of the lake. The skipper landed soon and said: ‘Over there on the shore of the lake, on the right, into the land, is still a dreadful pool in which there are still all kinds of terrible vermin, which is now and then polluting the air of this environment. You must drain this pool. Throw good earth into it until the pool, which is not very deep, is filled up. Then you will improve your environment a lot and gain another fruitful piece of land.’ My friend and also I thanked him with gladness for this advice. He quickly sailed away again and we immediately started the real heavy work.

219,2. The necessary tools for the work that was advised to us were in the house. We cheerfully and gladly took them, went to the place that was mentioned and started to work. But still, I became fearful and afraid when I saw how big the pool was, because there was such an enormous quantity of terribly looking vermin, and I said to my friend: ‘Listen, before we will have drained the pool, at least a full 100 years on Earth will have passed by.’

219,3. Then my friend said: ‘What difference does it make to us how many years will have passed by on Earth. Such a time does not exist here, because there is only one and the same eternal day here, and our time lies in our will. And this pool is only a necessary image of the filth that is still within your heart, and here it is especially your duty to purify yourself of it by a firm will and by patience that was totally strange to you. But I will help you, then this dreadful pool will soon and without too much trouble be changed into a fruitful piece of land.’

219,4. When I heard that, I strengthened my will and started to work with great patience. In the beginning it seemed as if the pool would never be filled up, but slowly it became visible that we did not work in vain, and so this terrible pool was soon completely filled up with good earth, the vermin died under the weight of the earth and was buried forever and we won a good and nice piece of land. And immediately we placed a new hut on it, which we put at the disposal of the arrived novices, because we usually are helping them, just like the friend, of whom I am talking, has helped me in my progress.

219,5. Since that time the skipper came to us already several times and each time he has given us new work to do, so that our environment changed into a true Eden. I still live there and desire for myself nothing higher, more beautiful or better. Therefore, do not be concerned with anything in this world which is from a worldly viewpoint great and precious, because here, only the works and deeds that are truthfully good and noble have any value.’

219,6. Totally astounded the severe highly ranked counselor said to the spirit of Julius Caesar: ‘In relation to the Earth, where is this region that you have described so faithfully now?

219,7. Julius Caesar said: ‘The described region is surely not to be found on this Earth, but still it is so that it can be located anywhere, because where I am, is also the region. Slowly I have come to learn that the place, the region and everything that is surrounding me in our world as apparently lifeless matter, grew out of myself. Just like in a way a tree on Earth, or in other words: I myself am the creator of the world wherein I am living. I and my friends are living therefore in the same scenery because we have the same love, the same will and consequently also the same way of thinking. But also a lot of other spirits can live on the same spot, and each one of them in another region. This is the great difference between us, spirits, and you, still earthly human beings.’

219,8. The counselor said: ‘This I do not understand. How can there be multiple regions and scenery on one and the same spot?’

219,9. Julius Caesar said: ‘Oh, that can easily be, and finally even in a very natural way. Look, in one and the same room are sleeping for instance a 100 people and all of them are dreaming. One is in Rome, the other one in Athens, a third one in Jerusalem, a fourth one in Alexandria, and so on. Everyone is somewhere in a totally different place, and this is so lifelike that during the day he cannot stop talking about it. Well, how is this possible? All 100 of them are in one and the same sleeping room, and yet everyone in a totally different environment. Yes, how come, when thousands of people are on a field and each one of them sees something different in one and the same instant?

219,10. Look, more or less, everything is in the other, or rather in our spirit world. The difference between our world and the one of yours here, is only the following: we spirits are actually living in our very own world, but you are living in the world of God. Because our world is the work of our thoughts, ideas, desires and our will, but this world is the work of God’s love, thoughts, ideas and will.

219,11. That is why man is the image of God, has creation power in himself and in a purely spiritual state he can create his own world and consequently live in his very own property. This you surely have understood now?’

219,12. The counselor said: ‘But then those men who are surrounding you and who are dealing with you are also your work and your property in the world which has come forth out of you?’

219,13. Julius Caesar said: ‘Also that, partly, but I could not make them appear before my spirit – and even less deal, see, hear and speak with them – against their will. But this looks very much like the seeing, hearing and feeling of your fellowmen on this Earth. Because you also do not see the real human being, but only an image of him in yourself. You only can feel him by your own feeling and hear the sound of his words in your ear, which is arranged in such a way that it imitates the sound that is coming to it through the air. However, when you are blind, deaf and without feeling, the fellowman does not exist for you, even if he would be very close to you. But even if you hear, see and feel so many people and imagine them in your thoughts, then in reality you will still see, hear and feel nobody if there is nobody.

219,14. And so also in the spirit world the spirit with whom you want to associate must be there, at least with his will, his love and his awareness. Without this, you are alone, or the human beings that you can see sometimes for awhile are nothing else but phantoms of your fantasy, does not have an existence in itself, no reality and consequently they also cannot associate with you, because everything what they seem to be, is yourself.

219,15. And this is the same and infinite big difference between God and us men who are looking like Him: the fact that only God can call, out of His great thoughts complete free human beings to life, whereas we spirits can only call phantoms but no realities to life. So also, the world that is inhabited by a spirit is rather a phantom than reality, because spirits with a greater measure of perfection have shown to me their world on one and the same spot, and that world looked totally different than the world in which I am living. But this you will only understand and realize completely once you yourself will be a resident of your own inner spiritual world.

219,16. And now I have shown you enough what life is like after the falling away of the body. Therefore, do not ask us any more questions.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-219 Chapter