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Chapter 220 - About believing and seeing.

220,1. At this moment I took away the ability of inner sight and he did not see any more spirit. Then, being full of fright he asked Me where the spirits had gone now since he could no longer see, hear and speak to them.

220,2. I said: ‘They are still here, just like before, but you cannot see, hear or speak to them anymore because your soul is still too much one with your flesh and is still not completely united with God’s Spirit in him. But if you will strive to unite with the spirit in you, you will always be able to see, hear and speak to the spirits, which are around you. Did you well understand this?’

220,3. The counselor said: ‘Indeed, but I am feeling now as if I am drunk. Like someone who sometimes is of a clear mind and soon after that very foolish and says: I will need years before all this will be totally clear to me.’

220,4. I said: ‘He who searches diligently will also find what he is searching for. However, man can wear out himself during all his life – which is generally happening all too often – and in this way will spoil his body and even more so his soul. But reversed he can also make great effort unto the eternal benefit for his soul.

220,5. When people are attaching so much importance to their body, which will die after a short time, then why not even more for the soul whose destiny it is to live eternally? Therefore, be you also more zealous for the well being of your soul than for the well being of your body. Then there will be more light and it will become clearer within you.’

220,6. All of them were satisfied with this lesson and praised My wisdom.

220,7. However, Cyrenius said to Me: ‘Lord, why were we also not allowed to see and speak to the spirits that my counselor saw and spoke to?’

220,8. I said: ‘Nobody of you is as unbelieving as the counselor. For him an obvious proof was necessary. Now he believes because he realized the wrong reason for his doubt. But the fact that from now on he does not have to search with difficulty in himself for proof that the soul continues to live after the falling away of the body is no merit of him.

220,9. However, he who has not seen what he has seen, believes what I tell him. And believing is more salutary for the soul than seeing, because the soul can move more freely in believing than in seeing. I know your faith and know that the works that you have seen Me perform serve as absolute proof for the total truth of what I say, and therefore it would have no sense to show you the deceased who would say to you that I am telling you the truth.

220,10. And when by your efforts you will be full of faith, you also will come to the true and free vision out of yourself that will not compel your soul. Look, this is the good reason why you were not allowed to see what the counselor who was full of doubts had seen.’

220,11. When Cyrenius and the many other guests heard this from Me they thanked Me a lot for this explanation and after that they were truly glad that they had not seen and spoken to the spirits that appeared.

220,12. In the mean time the evening had come and because of that the lights were lighted, and they announced to us that the evening meal in the great dining-hall was served. Cyrenius stood up to invite all those who were present to partake of the evening meal. But some counselors excused themselves saying that they first had to inform their home because otherwise they would wait for them with the evening food.

220,13. But I said to them: ‘Listen to the will of Cyrenius. Your families are already informed that you are now invited here as a guest.’

220,14. The counselor asked: ‘Who was able to inform our families of this in such a short time?’

220,15. I said: ‘Precisely the same One who is capable to calm down the storm at sea. Therefore stay and believe that it is so.’

220,16. After these words all of them stayed and we went to the dining-hall. There was a special table for Me, Joseph and James and also for the Greek Anastocles with very well-prepared Jewish food and an excellent wine.

220,17. When Joseph saw this special attention for us he said to Cyrenius: ‘But great friend and ruler, why this special attention for us who are so few? We also would be satisfied with the food that you Romans are taking.’

220,18. Cyrenius said very friendly: ‘Friend, I still know you from Ostracine and know that you are strictly keeping to your Jewish laws, and therefore it was my duty to take care of you in such a way that your conscience would not be oppressed. But we, Romans are accustomed to our food, which in the evening mostly consists of the flesh of animals, which you do not eat. Thus, do not feel burdened for the fact that I let this special food be prepared for you.’

220,19. This made Joseph to calm down, and we took place at our table. And the Romans took place at the big table, but in such a way that Cyrenius was sitting very near to us during the meal in order to discuss with us about different things.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-220 Chapter