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Chapter 25 - The Jewish girl's conjecture about the person of the Lord.

25,1. Only then did a light dawn in the daughter about Me, so that she with her mother came to Me and said (the Jewish girl): “O Lord and Master, my heart tells me, that only You are doing such things, what no person, no prophet and without Your will also no angel can do, but what is only possible for a God alone and therefore You also must be a God! Therefore to You alone all our worship and love through our entire life! All honour and all praise to You alone!”

25,2. I said: “Whoever believes and acts according to My word, will become blessed! But you believe now, since you have seen signs and say, that I must be a God; but if you hadn’t seen any signs, you would not have believed and not said that I’m a God. Now, why is that?

25,3. See, the reason for that is, that up to now there is no truth in you and can not be, because up to now you haven’t heard any truth at all! But I say to you now: work hard to obtain the pure truth; since it alone can make you perfectly free, in body and soul, - in the body, since the truth will tell you, why you were given a body to carry and in the soul, since the soul, out of the truth in it, will tell you, that it is there for the fullest freedom and everlasting independence!

25,4. Now, My poor and lovely daughter, I truly would not have told you this, if I would not have known that in every aspect you are a especially well-raised child. But I say to you, that I prefer people who are in their better recognition sometimes a little more stubborn, to those, who often after a few signs and proofs quickly turn like a reed in a storm and keep pointing into the direction of the storm, apparently proving that they do not carry a lot of inner strength. But if someone does not have enough inner strength and cannot in his mind form a good judgment, he is just as little suitable for the kingdom of God as someone who ploughs a field and continuously looks backwards.

25,5. And see, lovely girl, you are still in a similar position! Previously you have declared Me as a God, forced by the signs and My wisdom; but at the same moment rejected the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Then you thought by yourself: ‘Who can speak so wisely and can perform such incomprehensible miracles, is in your view already a God!’ But now you regret in the secrecy of your heart, that you have said something like it, since you immediately recalled the laws of Moses into your memory, and now you have a fear in yourself, since, during an emotional overreaction in your soul, you have forgotten the old Jehovah and has given to Me the worthy honours which only belongs to the true God. And see, this means to lay the hands onto the plough and look backwards!

25,6. If you perceive me as a God, then you must recognise Me completely as a God and do not think of any other God next to Me; since if you are declaring Me a God, but at the same time also think of the old God and are afraid of Him for that, because you think you have sinned against the law of Moses, then your resolve towards Me is futile, and thereby you are not much better than a heathen, who also believe in the God of Moses, but at the same time also believe in Jupiter, Apollo, Mercury and many other Gods.

25,7. See, when you came to Me, you thought that I was one of the above named gods of the heathens, and gave me for the sake of the high Romans over there, the honour! But at the same time you thought about the God of Moses, who says: ‘You should only believe in one God and should not have any foreign Gods next to Me!’ You were overcome by remorse to have said that, and see, this was apparently not the right thing to do! Since if you believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, you cannot greet Me as a God. But if you believe seriously that I am a God, then you must let go the old God, since there can only be one God, and not two or more Gods, just as there is only one infinitive space and only one eternal time sequence, wherein everything is and happens.

25,8. Only if you could believe that the old God and I are one and the same - although it is written that nobody can see God and live at the same time -, then at least your conscience would be more at ease, and your fear of the old God would thereby apparently become less! - But tell Me now, what are you going to do!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-25 Chapter