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Chapter 44 - The nocturnal light phenomenon of the ten cloud columns.

44,1. I hardly finished speaking, when everybody got up and followed Me outside. When we were all outside, many admired the many beautiful tents with the very suitable layout and were astonished about the speed it was set up, since nothing could be seen in the morning. The amazement soon came to an end, as I knew how to direct the attention of all present onto something else. However, what was it, that I drew the attention of all persons present to?

44,2. In the east a glowing cloud column started to grow and rose higher and higher, so that all who could see it, assumed it already reached the stars. The column became brighter and brighter, until it reached the brightness of the moon, and turned the whole surrounding into day light. Here all asked Me what this was and what it meant.

44,3. But I said: “Just be patient, my dear friends, even more will follow! When you have seen everything, only then we will see where it came from and what it means. Therefore pay attention to everything that will take place; since it is written in the prophets, that during that time signs will also occur in the sky and not only on earth. And since such signs are taking place, you can see also with your physical eyes, that now the words of the old prophecies are fulfilled. But pay now attention to everything that will start to appear!”

44,4. Now everybody looked again eastwards, and see, a second identical column rose upwards and also reached the brightness of the moon, and the surrounding became even brighter! It took only a few moments and a third cloud column grew upwards and the area was even more illuminated. Not only those who stood with us on the mountain could see this, but many in Jerusalem and many in the whole Jewish land, and in all lanes and streets of the city a great hubbub arose, to such an extend that it could be heard quite well on the mountain.

44,5. At that stage Lazarus said to Me: “Lord, if this continues for some time, then soon this mountain will be full of people! The time has therefore arrived to close the bottom gate.”

44,6. Said I: “As long as I’m with you, you do not have to worry about anything; since without My will not even a fly can enter this garden, never mind a person! But pay attention, since another seven such columns will arise!”

44,7. I hardly finished speaking, and the fourth, just after that the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth column rose in equal distances from each other upwards, and these ten columns whose light was equal to the light of a full moon, finally spread such great light over the whole area, that the light could also be clearly seen at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and even further north to Asia Minor and further back to the east to distant areas of the Euphrates river.

44,8. However, now the city was in complete chaos. The gentiles interpreted this as a bad omen, the Jews already spoke about the Last Judgement. Again others, so called sign readers, announced ten very fertile years, others again very hot and as such meagre years.

44,9. But one, an old rabbi, walked screaming through all the lanes: “This signifies the arrival of the Messiah, and the ten columns are the symbols of His power, and since these columns are standing in the east, it is an indication that the Messiah will come from there to Jerusalem!”

44,10. But this rabbi did not find any believers and was laughed at by many who heard him, and the worldly people said to him: “Go and stop your old Messiah babbling; since you see the Messiah coming in each cloud illuminated by the moon! A few days ago when we had a lunar eclipse, which also caused a lot of confusion, you also announced the Messiah, and the smart Essenes who have their large magic establishment in that particular area, have already calculated the lunar eclipse a year earlier, but you immediately discovered your coming Messiah with skin and hair therein! The Messiah will very dish it up to you! These ten columns are very beautiful to look at and are nothing other than a product of Essenes magic art! Go to the Essenes, - they will soon drive the Messiah out of you!”

44,11. But this radical natural- and worldly explanation did not leave any impression on the old rabbi, and he kept on screaming and said loudly; “Say what you want, but soon it will show if I have not judged correctly! God does not react to such worldly talk by such worldly people as you are, but according to His own prophecies, which He revealed to the people through the mouth of his prophets. Just watch out, you evil and sacrilegious boys, that no devil comes along and takes you all! O, do not mock an old rabbi!”

44,12. I also told My followers on the mountain, what opinions and judgements the appearance caused in the city, and all became rather cheerful about that.

44,13. Though Lazarus and also My disciples thought, that the rabbi is basically right, and that it is very disdainfully of the young fops of Jerusalem, to mock the old man in such a way.

44,14. Said I: “In some ways you are right; but the old man is also a fox of the temple and uses such opportunities, where he always very diligently announces the coming of the Messiah, to collect a few sacrifices. He himself is afterwards quite content, if in the end his street prophecies do not materialize in front of his eyes, and continue to be delayed; because in this country which is rich in miracles of nature another appearance can easily arise, which he can use for his own purposes. But the of course very liberal youth of Jerusalem know about this street prophet and if he speaks too loudly, they go to him and mock him, and in that situation the prophet is not much better than those who mock him. And I say to you, that these boys will follow Me much easier as this old rabbi, who is always very active to prophesy for his money bag, but he himself believes basically in nothing. But let it be; the further development of this phenomenon will result in an even greater rush! Do you not hear the trumpets resounding from the high battlements of the temple?”

44,15. Said all: “Yes, yes, we hear them very well!”

44,16. Said I: “This is an indication that also the temple clerics have woken up and do not know what they should make of this phenomenon. Therefore they trumpet all Pharisees and scribes who are living outside the temple together, to quickly consult as to what should be done, and how this phenomenon can be explained to the people, of course in exchange for a considerable sacrifice. But let them consult for a short while, and when they have given to the people, who are already assembled quite close around the temple, a rock solid explanation, I then will change this appearance considerably, and the temple clerics will again consult with each other and lie to the people. But the meaning of this whole phenomenon I will very briefly explain to you faithfully and true at the end. But just look down and see how the silly and totally blind people flock around the temple from all sides! Within a quarter of an hour the appearance will take on a completely different picture; then you can see an even bigger rush occurring! But let us rest for this quarter of an hour!”

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