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(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT The manifestation of the old and new Jerusalem, Volume 7 – Chapter 49 & 54-55)

Chapter 54 - The explanation of the third light phenomenon.

54,1. Said Nicodemus: “Lord and Master, I understand this now and thank you most fervently for this, Your so extremely important teaching. But since you have explained to us the two phenomenon, I would like to ask You to also explain the third one to us; because there must be something great hidden behind it.”

54,2. Said I: “Yes, yes, I certainly will give you some insight into the third phenomenon; but you will not understand it very well; since what the distant future will bring, you will only then see more clearly, once you have been reborn in the spirit. Nevertheless, I will tell you something about it, and thus listen!

54,3. The light column returning from the heavens back to earth is Me in the spirit of My living word, which I will place in future into the hearts of those who will love Me and keep My commandments; I will come to them Myself and shall reveal Myself to them. And thus they will anew be taught by God.

54,4. The division of the column into countless many parts means the unveiling of the inner, spiritual sense of all My words and teachings, which I have given to mankind since the beginning of man through the mouth of the ancient patriarchs, the prophets and seers and now Myself.

54,5. From these many separate disclosures of the inner, spiritual sense of the word of God, will only then a true and great teaching of light and life be formed, and this teaching will then be the great and new Jerusalem, which will descend down from the heavens to the people. And those who will be and live in the new teaching, will walk in the new Jerusalem and will live therein forever, and their bliss will be never ending and boundless. Because I Myself will be with them, and they will see all the countless glories of My love, wisdom and omnipotence.

54,6. However, from the annihilation of this old city Jerusalem until the time of the new city of God on earth, only very little light will prevail among the people on earth; since soon many false prophets and priests will rise and will perform false miracles in My name, will mislead the people and will make them blind, yes the antichrist will do such things with the help of the kings of the earth, so that even My chosen ones, if I would allow it, could be enticed to bend their knees before the new Baal. But I will again let great hardship come among the people, as has never been before. Then Baal will be brought down just as the great whore of Babel, and the light of the living word in the hearts of many people will come and raise and release the oppressed and afflicted, and all will be glad in the new light and will praise My name.

54,7. During that time the people will often have contact with the pure spirits of My heavens, and they will be their teachers and instruct them in all the secrets of the eternal life in God, as was shown to you in the third phenomenon, where you saw people walking in and out through the twelve gates.

54,8. But the twelve gates no longer indicate that the new city is built out of the twelve tribes of Israel, but out of the twelve main principles of My teachings, which are contained in the ten commandments of Moses and My two new commandments of love: since they are the gates through which the future people will come into the new city of God full of light and life.

54,9. Only those who will keep these My commandments, will come into the city, and light and life will be given to him; but those who will not keep the commandments, will not have access to this new city. Similarly, the twelve types of precious stones signify the same twelve commandments, from which the wall around the great city was built.

54,10. These twelve commandments are thus not only the entrance gates to the light and life for the people, but they are also their indestructible protection and shield, which the gates and powers of hell or the material worldliness will never be able to defeat and destroy.

54,11. At the same time you have noticed in the phenomenon, how the stones of the wall gave a strong light in all their colours. This signifies, that the twelve commandments given to you, contain all degrees of the divine wisdom, and therefore a person can only reach perfected wisdom by keeping the twelve commandments. Because in the commandments are contained all the wisdom out of God, and because all the wisdom of God is contained therein, also all divine power and strength is contained therein, and this therefore, because in these commandments the all-wise and almighty will and thereby the highest freedom is contained.

54,12. Whoever thus made the will of God his own through keeping the commandments, has also adopted the divine power and the divine freedom and has reached the state of the true rebirth of the spirit and is as a true child of God as perfect as the Father in Heaven Himself.

54,13. And I say now to you all, that you should strive already here on earth to become as perfect as the Father in Heaven is perfect by keeping the commandments precisely, then you will be able to do greater things than I have done now. And if you have reached this state, then you will already in advance be a citizen of the new Jerusalem. This is thus the meaning of the third phenomenon. - Have you all understood and comprehended this well?”

54,14. On this My explanation of the third phenomenon all eyes widened and they thought about it for a while, but were not quite sure to what extend they did understand this last explanation.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-54 Chapter