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Chapter 94 - About the death penalty.

94,1. Then Agricola said: “Lord and Master. I have engraved now Your extremely true, holy words deep in my heart, and will act accordingly as much as possible, but still I do ask You if the death penalty should be abolished in all circumstances?”

94,2. I said: “Oh friend, I know indeed what you want to tell Me now. Look, you have heard from one of My disciples that I Myself 1 year ago in the vicinity of Caesarea Philippi at the lake of Galilee have applied a sort of summary justice on a few very evil servants of the law who were tracing Me up, and that is why you have asked Me this question.

94,3. Yes, I tell you: if you can see from a criminal, just as I can, that he as human being in the body is already a perfect devil – just as Moses was also able to see that by My Spirit – then you can sentence him to the death penalty at once. But if you cannot see that, like I and Moses, then you must not be too quick with the death sentence.

94,4. I have of course the right from eternity to – what concerns the body – kill the whole human race, and so I am always executioner of all material created beings in the whole eternal infinity, but what I kill as matter, I make alive spiritually forever.

94,5. As soon as you can do that also, you can kill no matter who at the right moment. But since you cannot do that, you also should not kill, except in case of extreme necessity. For instance in a defensive war or in a by God ordered punitive war against incorrigible wicked nations, or also in case of self-defense against an evil killer or robber. In all other cases you may not kill or let kill as long as you do not have My full light in you. Did you well understand this?”

94,6. Agricola said: “I thank You, Lord and Master. This is now also completely clear to me, and as judge I will hold on to it as good as possible, although I myself cannot prescribe anything to the emperor, but now and then he is willing to accept good advice.”

94,7. I said: “This you can do, although you will not have much success. In Rome you have a few excellent laws indeed, but besides that, a great number of bad, wrong customs, besides which anything good and true can hardly take root.

94,8. I tell you: Rome is and will remain Babel, a worldly whore, despite all persecutions that will come over her, although there will also be a great many zealous followers of My teaching.

94,9. It is true that you have set the death penalty on robbery, murder and manslaughter and still a few other crimes, but at your great feast-days certain gladiators must fight for life or death to increase your pleasure, and the victor is then honored. Look, this is evil and will not bring any blessing to a nation. Also you have all kinds of battles with wild animals by which oftentimes men have to loose their life in a cruel manner, and still you find this very amusing. And look, also this is a great evil. There is virtually no blessing from above, and when this is missing, no state and no nation has a stable and permanent existence. On this, you can certainly believe Me.

94,10. If however, you can and want to change it, then contribute to it that such things, which are very bad for your city and your great kingdom, will be prevented, and in which anyway you who have now become seeing, will not participate in it, let alone this youth that you will be taking to Rome. Then you always and everywhere will be able to rejoice in My blessing.

94,11. I have given all of you the 2 commandments of love, which you have to observe faithfully. But in order to observe these commandments, one may not take pleasure in these wild battles.

94,12. Because little love can be found in the heart of someone who can watch with indifference when a human being or also an animal is perishing. Where there is true living love, there is also real compassion and true mercy. How can anyone possess neighboring love when he is taking pleasure in the painful dying of his fellowman? Therefore, away with everything that is unworthy for the heart of a good man.

94,13. If you see your fellowman crying, you shall not laugh, for if you laugh, you are showing him that his pain leaves you totally indifferent, as well as your suffering fellowman, who is still your brother.

94,14. However, if your brother is joyful and is rejoicing at his good fortune, then grant him this short gladness over his little earthly happiness. Do not grumble, but rejoice with him, then your heart will not become worse but only nobler.

94,15. When you see a hungry person while you have more than enough, then do not think that the hungry one will feel as comfortable as you with your full belly, but bear in mind that he is very hungry and give him to eat. After that, you will feel a great satisfaction in your heart, which will make you feel much more comfortable than your full belly, because a full heart makes man much happier then a full belly.

94,16. If you are carrying a bag full of gold and silver, while at home you still have much more, and you meet a poor person who is greeting you and wants to talk to you, then do not look the other way and do not let him feel one way or the other that you are rich while he is poor. But be friendly to him and help him with much gladness out of his need. If you do this, your heart will be filled with joy. Then the poor person will stay your friend forever and will never forget your true friendliness.

94,17. Therefore, true neighboring love is doing for his fellowman all that which one can reasonably wish that he also would do for someone else.

94,18. If a poor child asks you something, do not turn it away from you, but bless it and comfort its heart, then you also will once be comforted in Heaven by My angels. For then you are saying together with Me: let all the little ones come to Me and do not prevent them, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Truly, this I say to you all: if in your heart you do not become as little children, then you will not come into My Kingdom. For I tell you that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs first of all to them.

94,19. I know however, that with you there is the evil custom to often secretly torture very poor children in a terrible way, so that as a result of this torturing, a malignant poisonous saliva is coming out of their mouth, out of which these wicked priests and magicians of yours are preparing a dangerous poison. And friend, this happens in Rome even now this day. Where such abominations can still be committed completely cold-bloodedly, there the complete Hell is still very active, and My grace can hardly be found there. That is why wise and righteous judges should have taken action with great determination against such an evil that is crying unto Heaven.

94,20. I say to you: those who will commit such a crime against animals I will look at them with wrathful eyes, for also the animals are My created beings and have life and feeling, and a sensible man should not work his evil will on them. But how endlessly much higher stands even the poorest child than all animals of the Earth. Thus, whoever will offend a child in such a way is a devil and is cursed.

94,21. I still could tell you some more of such evil Roman customs which are not unknown to you and which are secretly tolerated with you after payment of a specific estimated amount, but it is your task to abolish such more than ungodly abuses. If you seriously want it, you will absolutely never lack My help. But first you must want this very seriously, because on this Earth My will never goes before men’s will – as I have already sufficiently explained to you – except in the case of a judgment, at which always many warnings are preceding. Of course it will cost you many a battle, but a good case is also always worth a serious battle. Did you understand Me completely?”

94,22. Agricola said: “Yes, Lord and Master, I have well understood it, and unfortunately it is like that most of the time, as You, o Lord, have just now described it. But we who are better Romans have condemned it already since a very long time ago and forbidden it to the priests in veiled words – and especially this secret and evil preparation of poison. But despite that, such cases are still happening, and one can attempt only little against our priests because the common people is at their will and they easily can stir up the people against the emperor and also against us.

94,23. Yes, our bullfights and animal fights are easier to abolish. And the gladiator fights, which are still very popular with the old Romans, are already reducing with us a lot, because nobody is so easily willing anymore to participate in such fights. But for sure, these things are still happening during great festive dinners, but more pro forma instead of in the old cruel manner. Only the bullfights are still existing and are a favorite spectacle of the Romans, but we will do everything to take care beforehand that they at least will not take place so often, and other things must come instead which are improving to the moral values.

94,24. The fact that such old bad ways and abuses cannot be cut through with one stroke like a Gordian knot, and that for the cleansing of true Augean stables the power of a Hercules is needed, is certainly true. Although we Romans are no more a Hercules nor an Alexander, in due time we will still achieve something. We will not lack earnest and determination.”

94,25. Also the other Romans gave this promise, and I said: “That is good, and wherever you will come together in My name, in spirit I will be with you and will help you to carry out all which is good. But what I am telling you, is and remains forever true. For truly, truly, I say to you: Heaven and Earth will perish, but My words and their fulfillment will never in all eternity. Therefore, all of you, always act in My name, then I will always help you and give you eternal life.”

94,26. After I had said that, they all thanked Me for this promise full of comfort, they raised their cups that were full and drank to the future salvation of all people and their children.

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