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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-10 Chapter

Chapter 10 - Raphael makes himself known.

10,1. At once Lazarus called Raphael according to the instruction that I already gave him in the big dining-hall, and at the same moment he was already in the small dining-hall where the Pharisees were staying with Lazarus.

10,2. When Raphael stood suddenly before the Pharisees they were surprised how he could be so fast at the call of Lazarus.

10,3. When Raphael was standing now before the Pharisees who were greatly amazed and were searchingly staring at him with very meaningful looks, the second speaker, shuddering with secret deep respect said: “Tell us, mysterious young man: is it true what our friend Lazarus has told us just now?”

10,4. Raphael said: “Why are you doubting about it? Did you before not experience yourself that a man of my age can impossibly possess my abilities? Yes, I tell you: it is exactly as Lazarus has revealed it now a little too soon to you. I am not like you an earthly man, but I truly am a messenger of the Lord. My name is Enoch. However, now I am called Raphael, because when I lived during the ancient times on this world as an earthly man in the flesh, I did not experience the death of the body, nor the prophet Elijah either. For God the Lord changed me in one moment. But the Lord did not give this grace to me alone, but also to others who loved Him above all.

10,5. But you have always been full of unbelief and now even more. But such a craving of doubt is not honorable to you. If you do not believe freely, there will also not be an outer nor inner power that will force you to it, because your will must be totally free, for without the free will – just like friend Lazarus has explained it – you would be no men but entirely dull animals, like the apes in the forests of Africa.

10,6. Now I say to you: he who still values and loves this transitory world and its meaningless bad offices with their pitiful admiration more than the Lord who is now bodily present among the people, and we, His Heavenly servants with Him, is with all his worldly intelligence a big fool and is not worthy of the Lord, and His help will not be given to him. He who has recognized the Lord and does not look for Him, will also not be looked for by the Lord with His mercy.”

10,7. The second speaker, who could not delight enough in the beautiful shape of Raphael, said: “Yes, yes, you really are an archangel. I believe now everything, and now the great desire has come in me to meet the very exalted Galilean, to kneel down before Him and to ask Him for forgiveness for all the great sins that I have committed on this world.”

10,8. Also the other 9 Pharisees and scribes said the same.

10,9. And Raphael said: “All right, then you can return to the temple in the morning. If your colleagues – who are now almost without exception malicious – and dark people will ask you what you have come to know, then answer: ‘We have searched diligently and have heard useful things. But for our own salvation we find it necessary to continue this investigation in order to come to know everything and be able to relate it as good as possible. Therefore, also today we will continue the investigation and only appear before the counsel when we have heard everything.’

10,10. When you will say that, they will gladly let you go. Then come to Bethany, and do not worry about anything anymore. Because all the rest will be taken care of according to the almighty will of the Lord. However, do not say anything about all the other things that you have heard here. Do as I have told you now.”

10,11. Then Raphael disappeared, and also Lazarus said goodbye to the temple servants.

10,12. The temple servants discussed until after midnight with one another about what they had experienced and heard, and were sleeping on the good resting chairs.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-10 Chapter