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Chapter 101 - The flight of the cranes.

101,1. At a distance of about 1.000 steps from the little city Bethany there was a separate hill that was also part of the possession of Lazarus. That is where we went to and we soon climbed on it easily, for it was not so high, and since it was located completely separately, it gave us a beautiful view all around, and from there we had a view completely unto Jerusalem.

101,2. When we were completely on top of the hill, we saw a big flight of cranes in the air coming from the northwest, and Lazarus thought that this was a rare phenomenon to see these birds fly by so early in the morning, for usually they fly by only around midday, but most of the time in the afternoon. This meant something very special according to him, for these birds have a very sharp instinct and can feel already days beforehand when there is a danger for them in the nature where they used to live for the sake of their survival. Then they prepare for the trip and when their leader gives a sign, they all fly at the same time and migrate to another safe place.

101,3. I said: “You have observed the nature of these birds really very well. This is indeed given to these birds. However, here they also indicate something else. If you would be well acquainted with the old teaching of correspondences between the spirit world and the sense perceptive world – what you still will become – then you would understand completely the actual meaning of this morning flight of cranes, but now you only understand what you have deducted by experience from the nature of these birds.

101,4. Be very careful now what these birds, which otherwise are very careful, will do when they will fly precisely above us.”

101,5. Upon this, we sharply watched the flight of these birds as they approached in a very fine order. There were 100 birds in a long row, and precisely 7 of them formed the short angle row, which is always made up of the old, strong and in a certain way experienced male leaders.

101,6. When the flight of cranes flew above our heads, at least 400 men heights, they stopped, broke up the row, and 107 cranes started to fly in circles and descended lower and lower, and this as long until they were circling hardly 7 men heights above us and were expressing in a certain way their honor to us with their not so well sounding singing. This lasted a few minutes and then the birds descended downhill to the plain below where there was a fairly big pond where Lazarus breaded the fishes before his house, which were however only of the common kind. The birds drank water in this pond, as much as they needed for their further flight. When all of them were obviously provided with it, the 7 oldest ones gave the well-known sign to break up, and all the birds ascended suddenly in a few circles in the air, but before their definite departure they made again a few circles around the hill upon which we were staying. Then they quickly flew in circles until they reached their original height, formed immediately again the former formation and flew then to the northeast. Only at a fairly great distance they changed their northeastern flight direction into a southeastern one and vanished from our range of vision.

101,7. Now Lazarus said again: “Lord and Master, when one looks at this with the right attention, it is a perfect wonder.”

101,8. I said: “How would you explain that, simply out of feeling?”

101,9. Lazarus said: “Lord and Master. Seen from a natural point of view it was already a wonder in view of their natural behavior, because these birds are really very smart and seem to know very well or to feel strongly that we men, and namely we Jews, are not exactly considered as their friends, and therefore it is unheard of that these birds approached a few men so friendly.

101,10. With the Greeks, who express some kind of godly worship for these birds, it must have happened once that these birds approached them in perhaps the same friendly manner as this was the case here, but, as said, with us Jews it has never happened, at least not as far as I know or have heard of. And therefore I consider this a true wonder. Because these smart birds have noticed, who was present now on this hill – namely also their Lord and Creator – and this has made them to descend from that very great height to very close to this hill in order to – as said, according to their instinct and their feeling – greet their Creator and Lord and to give Him honor.

101,11. Besides, my pond has never had the honor that cranes, which only drink pure water, quenched their thirst with its slightly unclear water. So they had to feel that You with Your holy and almighty will had quietly blessed and strengthened the water of the pond for them. They definitely must have experienced that. That is why they ascended after the drinking of the water to circle once more around this hill to thank You in a certain way for the blessing of the water, and only after they had brought You these thanks they ascended jubilating to their former flight height, and strengthened in this manner by You, they proceeded their ordered flight.

101,12. The fact that from here they did not directly continue their flight in the direction of the southeast was probably because of their sharp instinct that is almost equivalent to our mind. For in that direction they perhaps would have come too close to the Dead Sea of which the far-reaching evil emanation could have easily harmed them. That is why they took at first – very wisely one could say – the direction of the northeast, and only when they were out of danger that perhaps would have threatened them coming closer to the bad sea, they took the direction along which they certainly without danger could reach the place of their destination.

101,13. And this is now according to my completely natural observation and opinion certainly a true wonder in the eyes of every human being who from his youth was used to observe with a sharper look and also with a more awakened mind all phenomena in the natural world than the common philosophers used to do and in fact are capable of doing. Did I speak correctly, o Lord and Master?”

101,14. I said: “Yes, yes, My dear friend and brother, you have understood this case very correctly and well, for this is how it was indeed, at least from a natural point of view. But behind this, there is still an incredibly much deeper wisdom, which however can only be seen by the one who can see and feel from his inner spirit and has overcome the death of his matter as far as this had still an influence on the soul and which made him afraid.

101,15. But in order that everyone of you who are only few, can receive beforehand, without the presence of the others, also about this some indication, I want to give it to you before the others will find us. So listen to Me.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-101 Chapter